Only As Good As Your Last War

***This was a draft that got pushed back with all the breaking news***

We will celebrate the D-Day Landings, Operation Overlord, and the world will remember the heroes that came ashore in the North of France and fought all the way to the gates of Berlin….our “Greatest Generation”…..

And the peasants danced!

Do not misunderstand me…..I firmly believe that we should remember those that died and fought from France to Germany…..but I fear that this will be the last war that the soldiers will be fondly remembered and celebrated.

Seriously name me another war that garners such reverence?

Korea?  Vietnam?  Grenada?  Panama?  How about our newest war of justification…Afghanistan and Iraq.

Do you see any of those conflicts producing the emotions and the gratitude that WW2 envisions.

The wars since WW2 it is the veterans that do the remembering…everyone else only remembers when forced to do so.

But we Americans are always fighting the last war we remember…..

America is still fighting the last war. I admit to having a bit of the same problem. I’m now working on a new book to follow-up my previous one about the war in Afghanistan. The tentative title is Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. [You are cordially invited to participate in a fundraiser for the project here.] The biggest problem with writing this book now is that the times have changed. The terror wars may all still be raging, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Mali, but the government’s main attention has been turned back toward great power competition with Russia and China.

The neocons’ declared “unipolar moment” is over. America’s relative power is in decline, in no small measure due to the horrible waste and destabilization wrought by the Middle Eastern terror wars in the first place. In response to this, the empire is frustrated, lashing out at the closest things they have to near-peer competitors, accusing them of aggression and declaring an intent to fully renew the old Cold War. Nixon may have ended the previous Cold War with China 45 years ago and Reagan and Bush Sr. the Cold War with the USSR even before it finally dissolved 30 years ago, however, the two independent nations remain the greatest excuse for the special interests at the heart of the American empire to exploit to the ends of the earth and cash in bigtime in the process.

Fighting the Last War

Americans need to learn more about war for they NO longer see the results of these situations…..the media soft soaps the coverage and pundits build the need for war…..all in all we are nation that “needs” war.

“War is good business Invest your children”

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

17 thoughts on “Only As Good As Your Last War

  1. You can’t fight a politically correct war and expect to win. You send troops into war with one hand tied behind their back and dare to ask – what’s taking so long? If they’re not there to win – BRING them home!

  2. If Trump stays in the Middle East the democrats will attack him for that. If he withdraws (a campaign pledge) they will attack him for that. I don’t see America as in decline as Trump has strengthened us economically by pulling out of disadvantageous trade agreements and NATO strengthened and US military got major funding enhancement. . Yet the democrats will not follow through on the USMCA trade agreement because it gives Trump a win and they’d prefer to weaken American economic statue for political reasons.They did the same to Hoover, rejecting his recovery efforts so things got worse so they could win the 1932 election. In WW II most all Americans were stakeholders. Now most Americans are more interested in the football games as Americans die in the Middle East for nothing. If Allah wants his believers to kill each other off, who are we to oppose his will and intervene?

    1. Dems are just as bad as Repubs…they are all on the side of staying forever in the ME…..that is what the people that own our politicians want…..NO person wants to weaken the economy that is a damn talking point with NO validity. chuq

      1. Then bring USMCA to house floor for a vote which has huge bipartisan support if want to help economy. But that would put dems in position to vote for a Trump economic initiative. Can’t do that so let economy stagnate instead of flourish in a win/win for all three nations.

      2. The economy cannot be stagnant….Trump sez it is booming….politics is give and take…..until Trump realizes that there will be no movement on the USMCA……chuq

    2. Islam, Christianity, Judeïsm etc. is not about killing echother in the own religion or killing tose of another religion.

      Than religion is abused as bate fot those that are selfish, hatefull, egotistical, blaiming the other for everything

  3. Honestly, right about now we could us e “good” war to end this universal divide. Unfortunately, war kills and destroys… and as history proves, war often sets the reasons for the next war decades away. I know you hold to the villainy of the M-IC in favoring war. I don’t share that popular concept to the degree that you do, but there’s no question “they” benefit the financial rewards, at least in this country. I have oft felt that the caskets returning to Dover should be allowed to be photographed and reported to the public to remind the public that this is the result of our various national policies around the globe. Roosevelt was correct when during WW2 he withheld the publishing of battlefield deaths of our GI’s in both theaters of war in order to keep the public focused on the mission of winning. But that was different.. it was a world war and the fight was indeed for democracy. None of the wars since have had that kind of requirement as the wars since have all been about national policy, not a national survivability. Seeing those caskets at the time they arrive would force the country to remember the price of intervention vs. the need for diplomacy… and to urge our elected officials in Congress and the Executive to take action and not sit on their duffs for years.

  4. WW2 is steeped in nostalgia. It was fought for a good cause to a large extent, and the service personnel and people at home believed it had to be done, at all costs. No war since can claim those same things, whoever fought in it, and wherever it was fought.
    Best wishes, Pete..

  5. US and war,.

    As I recall what I learned at school about US history, and later informed myself there’s some common denominators.

    As a young state you wanted to be kept out of the outside world as muchvas possible.
    Domesticly fighting wars, for territory, for everything you wanted.
    Treaties were made and as the ink of the signature was still drying you broke them.
    Had slaves, fought a war that all you citizen would be free.
    All? Not the native American, that is.

    You invade several countries, stayed there and didn’t agnowledged to yourself you treated them as colonies.
    The US has no colonies, right!
    First WWI, you entered it in 1917.
    In 1918 it was over.
    The intention to to make peace was there, but the old ways of making a country suffer so it economical was unable to recover.
    Creating a breading ground for WWII.
    WWII, you wanted to be kept out,
    islolationism was again your refuge.
    Till December 1941, you entered the WWII.
    You fought hard but somwhere on the way to peace you were forgetting it wasn’t an American effort, it we was an allied effort, some of them of a totally different poilitical system.

    Cold War began. The Korean war was in effect a war of a kapatalistic and communistic statest fighting against echother, indirect.
    The Vietnam War, the same.
    One difference, the cruelty the devastion, the victimes on both sides, entered the livingroom.
    What war was was besides the Civil War the only time the whole nation was confronted with war.
    The American soldiers werent’t the hero’s of the past anymore.
    Still they didn’t do more or less of killing, cruelty an destruction as wars in the past.
    It was, in my opinion a temporary wake-up call what war is.

    But soon it was war was on distant shores, interveaning in other nations politics, economics again.
    Wars begun on lies and deception, for the wrong reasons, for almost two decades now.
    With an attitude you could do that as a Nation convinced of their exceptionality.

    1. The US has colonies we just pretend we don’t…Guam, Am. Samoa, Puerto Rico, et….we have been messing in others policies for 70+ years….chuq

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