But The Kurds Are Our Friends

Turkey’s assault of the Kurds in Northern Syria has the world on the edge of disaster…..and the abandonment of the Kurds by the US is an insult to our long time friends….

And the MSM has lost its timy mind over the Trump decision and keeps feeding the crap that they were allies and friends….even to the point of posting a fake attack video…..

With the headline “Slaughter in Syria,” ABC aired footage of what it said was a Turkish attack on a Syrian border town on Sunday and Monday. One problem: The video was actually of a popular military gun demonstration in Kentucky, Mediaite reports. ABC apologized after the video was shown on World News Tonight Sunday and Monday’s edition of Good Morning America. The network said it “regrets the error” and it pulled the footage as soon as “questions were raised about its accuracy.” It did not explain how the error occurred. The footage from the night shoot at the Knob Creek Gun Range was uploaded to YouTube in 2017. It’s not clear whether it was edited before ABC aired it.

Check the video…..

Yes they were Allies…they were Allies because the US was their best chance of gaining a nation of their own, a Kurdistan……I think they will tolerate a lot with the chance of that dream being realized.

But let’s be realistic…friends?  Not necessarily so.

The American embrace of the SDF was always a temporary solution to the problem of ISIS. The United States never has supported a greater Kurdish nation. And while there’s been much lip service to the idea of using the SDF as a vehicle to destabilize the government of Bashar al-Assad, regime change has never been seriously pursued by the United States in Syria. Today there is widespread recognition that, following the intervention of Russia in 2015, Assad is here to stay. 

Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from the Syrian border zone makes perfect sense: it avoids a damaging conflict with Turkey, a strategic NATO ally, and sidesteps a potential major power confrontation with Russia. This was always in the cards, since the United States was never a guarantor of the Syrian Kurds’ objective of autonomy. But the precipitous way that the American redeployment was announced, and the fact that it was done void of any coordination with either the Kurds or other U.S. regional allies, sets the stage for more geopolitical chaos in a region already wracked by conflict.

Why the Syrian Kurds Aren’t Necessarily Our Friends

Plus I see evangelicals saying that they are siding with the Kurds which I do not understand for Kurds are not necessarily protecting Christians….


The media is driving this  situation like they do every situation….they are creating the news as they go.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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15 thoughts on “But The Kurds Are Our Friends

  1. Did some reading last night on the history of the Turks and the Kurds. Not real pleasant reading. Lots of blood spilled by both sides, and a long way from being over.

  2. The Kurds want self-rule, in their own state. They will do pretty much anything to get that. If they ever do get their own country, which is highly unlikely, they might well then fight a civil war to see which faction controls the power.
    But they were allies against ISIS. They fought alongside US troops, and on their own, to get ISIS out of their strongholds. So they may not be natural friends, but in Syria they were undoubtedly allies against a shared enemy.
    Fake news footage aside, I don’t think they should have been abandoned to their fate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I just listen to Trump’s newser and he rattled and faked the answers….Turkey has invaded a sovereign country whether we like the leader or not…..this is unacceptable……never too late for a diplomatic try. chuq

      2. Erdogan just announced that he’ll meet with Pence and Pompeo so we’ll see what happens. I’m going to go out on a limb though and predict absolutely nothing, especially when Trump undercuts the state department by saying things like what’s happening “isn’t our problem,” or that the Kurds “are no angels.” He’s giving equally rambling answers with the press conference going on right now.

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