India-Pakistan Situation

The age old conflict between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region of the Himalayas is getting hotter and hotter….keep in mind that both these countries have a nuclear capability…..that means they both have bombs in case that statement needed clarification.

Is this new edition of the Kashmiri conflict heading these two into a crisis?

Some think it is heading in that direction….

In August, Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan pledged that he would serve as an “ambassador” for the embattled people of Kashmir, who are besieged by close to a million Indian security forces. And on Friday, he did exactly that, using the world’s largest platform—the United Nations General Assembly— to voice their plight.

Khan excoriated Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and called on the world to prevent a potential “bloodbath” in the disputed territory, where for two months over nine hundred thousand Indian security personnel have imposed a curfew on the Muslim-majority populace. Thousands of civilians, along with hundreds of political leaders, have been arrested.

After Khan’s speech on Friday, Kashmiris took great risk to show their gratitude to the Pakistani leader, coming out on to the streets, setting off firecrackers, and calling for freedom from India. One Kashmiri man told Al Jazeera that he “felt solace” when Khan spoke, knowing that Kashmiris “are not alone.”

New Delhi’s annexation and siege of Kashmir will prove to be strategic blunders. Indian officials and the country’s compliant private media falsely claim that there is “normalcy” today in Kashmir. They also say that the region will see even greater development and investment tomorrow.

In case anyone would like to hear the speech to the UN by Khan…then I am here to help..

But in case you do not have the time to watch…let me help out…..Khan basically called for a war over Kashmir…..

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the United Nations on Sept. 29 and threatened to change that. Mr. Khan took the 15 minutes of speaking time allotted him and went nearly an hour, using the entire speech to speak of “jihad” over Kashmir and rail against his Indian counterpart, Prime Minister Nehendra Modi

“Jihad” is not a word the world wants to hear from a man atop a self-described Islamic republic that owns more than 100 nuclear weapons.

Then there are those that look into the possibility of some stupid setting off a nuke in this conflict and just what would such an act bring about?

The U.S. and other nuclear powers should rapidly stop nuclear proliferation, researchers at Rutgers University said Wednesday as they released a study showing that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan could kill 125 million people instantly before causing global mass starvation.

Published in the journal Science Advances, the new research shows that rapidly growing nuclear stockpiles in India and Pakistan, which are currently in conflict over Kashmir, could release 16 million to 35 million tons of soot, or black carbon, into the atmosphere if the two countries escalated their standoff into nuclear strikes by 2025.

“Such a war would threaten not only the locations where bombs might be targeted but the entire world,” said Alan Robock, co-author of the study and a professor of environmental sciences at Rutgers.

Nothing good will come from the use of nukes…and yet we are still stockpiling these weapons….India and Pakistan need to settle down and find mutual ground to avoid in stupidity.

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9 thoughts on “India-Pakistan Situation

  1. Surely those countries are too close to each other to even consider a nuclear option? That would only be self-destructive. Khan is playing the religious card of course. There are almost 200,000,000 Muslims in India, and it remains to be seen if they choose nationalism over religion in the event of an all-out war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. That’s a handful of people you are talking about. The majority of Indians have very deep-rooted connect to its philosophy and ethos, and that is “Live and let live”. That is the reason so many people could choose the religion of their liking(of course some were by coercion and some by bribing). A country of 1.3 billion would have some differences and misconceptions, but the deep-rooted cultural impression of love and peace can not be shaken off that easily. Any and every leader know that the messages of hate of prejudice would not have a lasting impression, like in many of the other countries of the world.

  2. Let us give peace a chance. Enough hatred has been spread by opportunists for the last 72 years causing much bloodshed. This decision has not upset common people from J&K but leaders who were leading a luxurious life on public money. This decision has also affected the Pakistani army and its generals who were fooling the simple populace of Pakistan in the name of J&K while filling their own pockets. Has anyone ever checked how is General Parvez Musharaf affording to stay in Dubai on his pension? Has anyone questioned how the so-called leader in J&K have beautiful houses and their children study in international schools, whereas they have never ever worked in their whole life? Get answers to these questions and we would get the answer where we are going wrong and who are the real enemies.

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