Afghanistan–18 Years And Counting

Yesterday, 07Oct, our longest war began…..the year was 2001 in case you had forgotten….or lousy at math…..18 years of death and destruction…..

Finally my greatest fear has been realized…that is that we would have people fighting this endless war that were born after the war had begun….and yes we have such a reality….

Pvt. Hunter Nines is about to join a war nearly as old as he is.

The 18-year-old discussed with ABC News his impending combat deployment to Afghanistan — his first with the Army.

“I didn’t have a lot of thoughts on Afghanistan in particular,” said Nines, who was 7 months old when U.S. troops first arrived there. “I honestly just had the notion of I wanted to serve, and wherever that is, that’s where I’ll go.”

Just check out what this war has cost the country…..(or not if you do not care)….

How do our veterans feel about this endless war?

The anniversary is significant not only for marking the beginning of the war on terror, but as a reminder that the United States Armed Forces now has enlistees who were born after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The Post Register spoke to veterans of the Afghanistan War to learn their views of the war, its place in history and their experiences serving overseas. All of them said they felt the war had lost all purpose long ago. Many of them in separate interviews said the war that began with a clear mission to protect the country from another terrorist attack has been reduced to an aimless mission that costs lives and taxpayer dollars in a futile attempt to win the “hearts and minds” of people who no longer want them there.

Sadly how vets feel about this conflict mean NOTHING to the people or the government……once again I blame the lack of a shared experience about the effects and consequences of war.

This war without end will go on and on…that is until the corporate media says it is time for it to end.

Time to do the military a favor and end this senseless war….

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

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12 thoughts on “Afghanistan–18 Years And Counting

  1. Officials in the Bush and Obama administrations repeatedly opined that this was a war that was not going to end militarily or even politically, that is was generational and the never ending presence gave us forward bases in country to prevent the entire country from being the base of terrorist operations. The terrorist operations would still be done but the groups would be independent operations not the national effort of an entire nation (like Iran) and would be easier to preempt.

      1. Still hoping for an allied Afghan government to run the country. I think the bigger picture is over which group will control the opium (heroin) trade . The landscape of the moon is more attractive than Afghanistan.

      2. The problem is that the Afghan government control Kabul and a few minor locations so there will be no good government any time soon….chuq

  2. If Trump stays they’ll hammer him for endless war. If we leave they’ll hammer him for leaving a vacuum in which terrorism will breed. The left adopts positions that demonize Trump no matter what course he takes. Disheartening that such is the nature of partisanship politics from both parties.

    1. The Left is on his side with this…the real Left not those that people call the Left as some sort of insult….Trump can blame anyone he likes but it his Tweeting Foreign Policy that gets him in trouble….chuq

      1. Almost every Tweet he gives his opponents ammo to use against him and he has to try and change the dialog in any way he can….chuq

  3. See my comments in your post about Turkey. My views are consistent. Bring our troops out of both areas.
    Don’t see how we can govern the Middle East and Asia with our military presence.

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