A Few Chuq’s Thoughts


I have been anything but civil to Trump and Trump supporters but with good reason.

Their Fearless Leader to begin with….he has said more crap than a used car salesman but this one hit me hard…..

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign attacked Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York in a campaign email Tuesday for her calls to abolish the Electoral College, telling supporters that “this is our country, not theirs.”

The attack was prompted by comments Ocasio-Cortez made last week in which she called the Electoral College a “scam” and said that the constitutionally mandated way the United States picks its presidents dilutes the voting power of people of color, as well as voters in large cities.


……”this is our country not theirs”?

Any one that makes such a comment and then believes it to be true is a racist fucking Nazi.  Dividing the country like that is a fascist ploy and the only way this moron cocksucker can ever win a vote.

Talk about “low IQ” this man and his supporters are the very definition of “low IQ””

There is more….

His Majesty Trump has a hard on for the Chinese….

As part of his ever-escalating trade war with China, Donald Trump has ordered Americans to stop patronizing Chinese restaurants.

“If they think they can outsmart me, they better think again,” said the master negotiator. “I am hitting them where it hurts, in the stomach. This was always my nuclear option and I’m using it. No more family nights at the local Chinese restaurant … no more takeout.”

Following Trump’s latest directive, which he put out in a tweet, a few staff members gently tried to explain to Trump that the People’s Republic of China does not own any restaurants in the United States, let alone Chinese restaurants; that this boycotting of Chinese eateries will have no effect on our adversary.

“Maybe not,” said Trump, “but it will severely cut down on the food they export to our country. Where do you think all those Peking ducks come from? And those fortune cookies? And that special, secret sauce for General Tso’s chicken? … China.”

This man is so fucking stupid…..Peking duck is a cooking method not a place…..fortune cookies are an American invention and so is General Tso’s as well.

Apparently this shit of brains thinks all Chinese eateries are owned by the country of China.

Now for a good example of supporters.

One small phallus of a person made the best STUPID remark of the week.

“Obama resigned because he knew Trump would beat him” (paraphrase)

Here is where this skid mark made the statement…..

A meme has been spreading around Facebook and Twitter that shows a man, purportedly a Trump supporter, claiming that former President Barack Obama resigned in 2016 because he knew he would lose to Donald Trump.

I know, we are laughing too.

Here is the tweet that started it all:

A user named Tyler said, “Obama was too scared to run against trump because he knew trump would destroy him. That’s why Obama retired.”


I have seldom been too fucking keen on people that mindlessly voted GOP and with Trump they prove to me just how fucking ignorant they really are.

Someone famous once said “Stupid is as stupid does” (I know who made the fucking statement I did not like the movie)

On to the Impeachment saga!


How many times have we fucking heard that our voting process is the best in the world?

Looks like anyone that wants to change things in the process all they have to do is just a little hacking…..

A report issued Thursday by some of the country’s leading election security experts found that voting machines used in dozens of state remain vulnerable to hacks and manipulations, warning that that without continued efforts to increase funding, upgrade technology, and adopt of voter-marked paper ballot systems, “we fear that the 2020 presidential elections will realize the worst fears only hinted at during the 2016 elections: insecure, attacked, and ultimately distrusted.”

Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One.


“Lego Ergo Scribo”

10 thoughts on “A Few Chuq’s Thoughts

  1. Good to get it out, chuq!
    That stuff about the Chinese restaurants is actually hilarious!
    Well it would be, if it wasn’t the ‘leader of the free world’ saying it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Hehe.. good rant, chuq. Funny how even the sane of us are driven to public outbursts over this fucking idiot. His impeachment may not pass the Senate but he surely knows his future in the job is going to be no authoritarian cakewalk.

  3. By the way.. Trump’s State Dept. has been investigating Hillary’s 30,000 emails “all of a sudden”, having questioned over 100 ex-employees. WaPo (I think) is reporting that many of these emails not classified before are being retroactively classified??? WTF?

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