Warren On The Rise

Biden has been the Dem front runner for the 2020 nomination but in the last week or so Warren has been gaining on Uncle Joe…..and in a new poll in Iowa she has zipped past Biden….

There is a new top dog in Iowa polling, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren having put the nation’s former No. 2 politician Joe Biden firmly into the No. 2 spot: She now leads him 22% to 20%, marking the first time the former vice president has trailed in the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll, CNN reports. That’s up seven percentage points for Warren and down three for Biden. Bernie Sanders trails at 11%, but is the only other candidate in double digits; the Vermont senator, however, has dropped five percentage points since the last poll in June

So with the rise in the polls she will be lots of scrutiny that may have been missed while she was an also ran…..

So let me begin this scrutiny……

Warren has said she wants lobbyists out of the governing process…..or does she?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren hired a Planned Parenthood lobbyist to a key role in her presidential campaign Tuesday, just one day after Warren announced a plan that would “end lobbying as we know it.”

Warren unveiled an anti-corruption plan Monday that would introduce a “cooling off” period for lobbyists before they can serve in government roles and would prohibit active lobbyists from donating to political campaigns, a practice Warren called “legalized bribery.”

“The fundamental promise of our democracy is that every voice matters,” Warren’s plan states. “But when lobbyists and big corporations can buy influence from politicians, that promise is broken. The first thing to do to fix it is to end lobbying as we know it.”

The next day, Kimberly Diaz Scott, who registered as a lobbyist for the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates as recently as January 2019, announced that she was leaving the organization to head up Warren’s campaign in Florida.

Read the original article.

A perfect example of how Democrats lying and deceive the voter….and yet still can find people that will vote for liars….why?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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4 thoughts on “Warren On The Rise

  1. It seems to me as if you will end up with choice between two people and not be able to vote for either. Very similar to the situation I find myself in here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Always felt the difference between Hillary and Warren was that Hillary was an egocentric politician while Warren seemed a government reformer and real stateswoman. But we see Warren is a politician tainted and compromised as well.

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