Closing Thought–12Sep19

Health care has been a point of contention on the campaign trail for 2020….there are a wealth of “plans” to get the American people their health care…..from single payer to Obamacare.

Biden is the one that has hung his reputation and his campaign on Obamacare……but his support for the plan may be in jeopardy….Obamacare may be losing its luster….

The number of Americans without health insurance edged up in 2018—the first evidence from the government that coverage gains from President Obama’s health care plan might be eroding under President Trump, the AP reports. The Census Bureau also said in an annual report Tuesday that household income rose last year at its slowest pace in four years but finally matched its previous peak set in 1999. Median household income rose 0.9% in 2018 to an inflation-adjusted $63,179, from $62,626 in 2017. The data suggest that the economic expansion, now the longest on record at more than 10 years, is still struggling to provide widespread benefits to the US population. Solid gains in household incomes in the past four years have returned the median only to where it was two decades ago.

An estimated 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, went without health insurance in 2018. That was an increase of 1.9 million uninsured people, or 0.5 percentage point. More people were covered by Medicare, reflecting the aging of the baby boomers. But Medicaid coverage declined. The number of uninsured children also rose, and there were more uninsured adults ages 35-64. Though the increase in the number of uninsured Americans last year was modest, it could be a turning point, the first real sign that coverage gains under Obama could be at least partly reversed. This year, the number of uninsured could rise again because a previous Republican-led Congress repealed fines under the Affordable Care Act for people who remain uninsured if they can afford coverage.

If this is properly reported then Biden may have an epiphany and worm his way into some other plan…..or he could double down and use the media to help control any fallout from this report.

I prefer the Medicare For All and will vote that way for 2020…..

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5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12Sep19

  1. chuq, I think we all know that America will never have a viable and affordable health care system. It is too late, overwhelmed by big business and profiteering. Sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Don’t have exact figure but between 5 – 10 million fewer do not have health care now is because the Obama fine for not buying was repealed so these people chose not to buy any so the decline in people covered is not Trump’s fault but a choice by consumers. The copper plan, least expensive of Obamacare was costly and gave only 4 doctor visits per year coverage and a $12,000 deductible which many providers demanded proof ability to pay or a sort of promissory note for it so many who bought it could not use it at all. I really am for some form of universal health care and one that does not bankrupt people but don’t have any idea how to finance it. The fact than dems want free healthcare for illegals(some cities already doing this) will kill any cooperation dems and reps on this.

    1. If people decide not to have is their choice and will cost everyone……I have no problem with health care for everyone it is far better than spending on worthless wars and conflicts…..we will never have any such thing because the industry does not want it and they buy a lot of votes. chuq

    2. Carl, for many of us who are uninsured, it’s not a “choice”, unless you count it as a choice between paying your mortgage/rent or insanely high insurance premiums. Like so many in this country, my husband and I fall through the cracks. We’re on a fixed income, but we make a little more than the federal poverty level so we don’t qualify for any state funded healthcare programs. Sadly we don’t make enough though to pay our rent, car payment, and other monthly bills in addition to health insurance. It’s an intolerable situation.

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