That Race Talk!

Okay we are having this conversation about race….it is not a conversation it is only pundits giving what they think them country is all about…..the way we believe…..but let’s be real….they are making shit up.

We are having that talk again……

One pundit tells us about how the street they grew up on is multi-national, multi-ethnic, etc etc…..that is the way it is in this country….our better angels sort of thing (whatever that fucking means)……then another tells us about his district and what the people are feeling….(how would they know this since most of their time is spent with high dollar donors?)

Racism is everywhere….racism has always been everywhere…..and yet these high paid pundits talk about the race issue as if they know the answers…..they have NO answers.

Let us take a good grasp on reality.

Just how many hours inn the last 50 years have been spent on looking at, analyzing and then reporting on the racist acts of the nation?  We have had lots of promise about the debate that is needed….but yet we still wait for the break out moment….and we wait.

Apparently this racism thingy we are trying to deal with these days is the “NORM”….. about 35% of the electorate supporters Donald Trump….so that means that 35% have no problem with the screaming racism of our president.

Pundits can look the other way but in the long run it will not go away until we accept the fact that 35% of the American people hold racist feelings….in other words actually talk about racism instead to giving it lip service with accusations and slogans hoping it will go away.

I have had push back from my ideas…..but then I ask if it is not about color then why has a new study found the opposite?

study published by New Zealand’s University of Canterbury reported that humans tend to apply their racial biases to white and black robots. 

The study, “Robots and Racism,” conducted by New Zealand’s Human Interface Technology Laboratory, indicated people ascribe racial backgrounds to human-like robots and apply racial stereotypes accordingly.

If proliferation of robots increases, this association could present a serious issue, according to the study.

“If robots are supposed to function as teachers, friends, or carers, for instance, then it will be a serious problem if all of these roles are only ever occupied by robots that are racialized as White,” it states.

Before we as Americans can have the debate on race that all the pundits hype we have to admit that our biases are real and do make a difference…..without that we will be spin our wheels as we have been doing for over 50 years.

I know I am a racist and I fight it everyday.  But the nation as a whole does not have the courage to face their racism and until they do this situation will continue unabated.

Pundits talk about American’s better angels…..seriously?  Americans have NO better angels when it comes to race or bigotry.

Watch this…..explanation no one wants to hear.

In closing…just how much delusion can one individual possess?

President Trump on Wednesday rejected assertions that his racist, divisive rhetoric is divisive, instead claiming it “brings people together.”

When a reporter asked if his rhetoric divides Americans, Trump responded, “I don’t think my rhetoric does at all. My rhetoric is very—it brings people together,” Trump said before deflecting to say the United States is doing better than China.

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2 thoughts on “That Race Talk!

  1. No doubt everyone has some element of Racism in their background, and life experience. It works across all cultures and countries. At least it is being talked about more frequently now, which is a start.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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