Biden Is Our Man!

There seems to be the one Dem candidate that the MSM wants the American people to vote for with the hope that he can beat one Donald Trump……that candidate is Joe Biden.

It is the lie of “electability”…….

Media is even got the wife of Joe, Jill, to go on TV and tell the voter that he is the man to beat Trump… nice….I would expect her to promote Joe, wouldn’t you? She is by NO means the voice of the the people just a low voice of a wife….not some all powerful sage.

Let’s move on.

Biden is our man because he will be a continuation of the legacy given the country by Obama….for me that is not enough for my vote. Why? In my opinion the legacy of Obama is not all that squeaky clean….I did not agree with Obama on many fronts….I thought he was just another Clinton-esque person that had corporations best interests at heart….not the masses they pretend to speak for…..

But there is a bigger reason why Biden would be the worst choice for the Democrats to face Trump in 2020: the fact that he served as vice president under Barack Obama. Establishment Democrats and faux-left figures like to reminisce about Obama’s presidency as if it were some kind of golden era in US politics. And some pseudo-progressive publications treat comments he makes denouncing the Trump administration as the words of a wise old sage whose counsel we should seek in this time of darkness. The reality, however, is that Obama’s presidency was a sordid compendium of reactionary policies that barely deviated from those of his predecessors or his successor. The attempt to characterize Trump as an aberration obscures the fact Obama’s legacy is one of death and destruction abroad, and austerity and graft at home. Far from representing the beginning of the imperialist spread of tooth-and-nail neoliberalism across the globe, the transition from Obama to Trump is more akin to ripping off the mask that obscured the hideous face of the monster beneath.

Biden’s Complicity in Obama’s Toxic Legacy

Again I was never a big fan of Obama…..he was a better choice than the people the GOP puts up….but I think he was not the “change” candidate that some still think he embraces.\

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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