Afghanistan–Clear As Mud

First let me report that 2 more American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on the 21 of August 2019……

Two U.S. service members were killed Wednesday in Afghanistan.

The troop deaths were announced by NATO’s Resolute Support mission to the country in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

“In accordance with U.S. Department of Defense policy, the names of the service members killed in action are being withheld until 24 hours after notification of next of kin is complete,” the release reads.


It is amazing just how flippin’ confusing the war in Afghanistan has become…….we have a peace deal….no we do not have a peace deal…..we will bring the troops home by Xmas… they will stay forever……my point is that it changes daily as what is the US focus or mission on Afghanistan..

Just today the news is….

Speaking on Afghanistan, President Trump remained non-committal on the peace plan being negotiated with the Taliban, continuing to say only that “we’ll see what happens.” He did, however, point toward clearly being inclined to end the war.

Trump says that after 18 years the US is “not really fighting” in Afghanistan, but rather acting as a “ridiculous” police force, adding “we’re not supposed to be a police force.”

All indications are that the Afghan peace deal is all set to go, and Trump was briefed on the matter on Friday. Exactly what his position is, however, still isn’t entirely clear, as he both talks down the merits of staying but emphasizes his willingness to keep troops there.

On top of that, Trump also felt the need to reiterate his claim that he could “win” Afghanistan within a week if he really wanted to, but that it would involve killing 10 million people and “I’m not looking to do that.”


Before the ink gets dry in my notebook I find another piece of news…..

President Donald Trump vowed he will bring home some — but not all — of the U.S. military force currently deployed to Afghanistan, amid reports of ongoing negotiations with Taliban leaders on an end to the nearly 18-year-old war.

“We’ll always have intelligence and we’ll always have someone there,” Trump said during an unscheduled press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday. “That does seem to be the Harvard University of terrorism. So we’ll always have someone there.”

Amid questions from reporters, Trump confirmed reports that U.S. officials are discussing withdrawal plans with both the Taliban and Afghanistan government officials. About 14,000 U.S. troops are currently stationed in the country.

Troops on the ground is just a continuation of the adventurism we have now… looks like the US cannot live without Afghanistan……

But say the US does find the courage to bring our war weary troops home….what then for Afghanistan?

Key Afghan warlords have begun preparing for a potential civil war as the U.S. nears an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw from Afghanistan. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has observed indicators that Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara leaders are taking steps to mobilize their ethnic communities in preparation for a looming power struggle as the U.S. and NATO leave Afghanistan. Afghan Pashtuns will also soon likely mobilize, if they have not already begun.

As I wrote…Clear As Mud!

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan–Clear As Mud

  1. Also this week, 80 people were killed and 160 injured, in a bombing attack on people celebrating a wedding in Kabul. With the constant ‘drip-drip’ deaths of US service personnel continuing, I think it is clear that the country needs to be left to sort out its own internal issues.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree…..after years of watching and researching….Afghanistan needs to be left to their own devices….interference has accomplished nothing….chuq

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