Gentlemen–Start Your Engines

The weekend and I am in search of something different for posts….continuing my attempts at FYI.

The Olympics is approaching and there is a try to get a certain “sport” that is pressuring the committees to include it…..the sport is “pole dancing”……not just for strip clubs anymore….at least that is their belief……

Normally associated with seedy night clubs, pole dance is desperate to distance itself from of an undesirable image, and supporters believe the gymnastic and acrobatic elements of ‘Pole Sport’ warrants Olympic Games recognition.

In 2016, The International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) submitted a request to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Pole Sport to be officially acknowledged as a sport.

Pole Sport practitioners are working hard to challenge stereotypes, rid itself of preconceptions and promote a family friendly and competitive environment in order to gain recognition, which is something as diverse as breakdancing has provisionally achieved.

RT Sport hooked up with Nyashi Dance school in Moscow to find out why Pole Sport deserves Olympic recognition.

Gentlemen! I have wonderful news that I know you’re going to want to hear: As of early this month, the Global Association of International Sports Federation granted pole dancing “observer status,” meaning it’s officially recognized as a sport! Woohoo!

I’m sure pole-dancing women everywhere are overjoyed, because they know for a fact that it takes a shit ton of coordination, strength, and skill to spin around a pole with a single arm and hang upside down and still manage to look insanely hot.

Okay my thoughts…..the Olympics are for actually sports… me there are too many “sports” included that should be eliminated….horse dancing, sailing, circumcised (yes I know it is the wrong word) swimming…a few year back they eliminated softball but kept horse dancing….why?

What is next a “spin class” event for the Olympics….how about mountain climbing?

This could be the hot ticket if the outfits befit the idea of “pole dancing”…..talented yes…….. a sport not really.

That is my offerings for the day….I need to nurse an aching back….enjoy your Sunday and thanx for your time.

4 thoughts on “Gentlemen–Start Your Engines

  1. Don’t get me started on ‘stupid’ sports for the Olympics. Bad enough we have BMX biking, snowboarding, and now skateboarding too, apparently. I await the arrival of ‘Olympic Graffiti Daubing’. 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.

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