Where’s Jimmy?

Many of the fights Dems are having these days were policies that Jimmy championed and never could get a deal through Congress.

This Jimmy is President Jimmy Carter…..the GOP’s favorite to blame everything bad on that is until the election of Obama and then he got their ire.

Carter was the last time I voted for a winner in a presidential election…..I liked many of his policies….his ideas on jobs, mortgages, foreign policy and so on…..then there were some ideas that are still being tried to get those elected and never come to be……

¶An end to the practice of appointing some ambassadors for political reasons or as a reward for campaign contributions.

¶Calling a meeting this fall of Congressional leaders and others to discuss the development of a more effective “bipartisan” foreign policy.

¶Making the term of the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board “coterminous” with that of the President to encourage greater harmony between the board’s monetary policies and the White House’s economic strategy.

¶Making the office of Attorney General a “nonpolitical” appointment for a term of six years, presumably isolated in considerable degree from White House pressures. This is probably a long‐range project.

¶The proposal of a national “sunshine” law to open more Government and legislative processes to public scrutiny and observation.

Does any of those policies sound a bit familiar?

But take a look at the issues that faced Carter and how he did……http://www.ontheissues.org/Jimmy_Carter.htm

Many of his policies like the environment and foreign policy….could have prevented the crap we face today……just my opinion.  I felt so strongly about Crater’s proposals that I voted for him in 1980….of course we both lost out to mad man Reagan.

I agree that the Carter presidency was a failed revolution in American foreign policy……

US President Jimmy Carter took office in 1977, armed with a set of liberal ideals and aspirations that he believed would revolutionise American foreign policy. Carter had strong convictions that it was timely to initiate overhauling reforms in the country’s foreign policy by advancing human rights globally and pursuing a policy of arms restraint. During the onset of his regime, many administrations in the global landscape were dictatorships that committed human rights violations and were hungry for advanced armaments the US could offer. Carter meant to resolve this situation by infusing humanitarian concerns into the US foreign policy and implementing reprisals against governments that engaged in human rights abuses. Another ideal Carter romanticised about was disarmament, reduction of arms sales overseas (especially to none NATO nations), and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Going as far as making the sales of arms to foreign nations something that was done on an ad hoc basis. Carter believed that the time had come for the United States to move past Cold-War tensions and alter the US’s approach to containment in spite of Soviet determination to proliferate communist ideology on a global scale. As noble as they were, in practice Carter’s ideals crumbled due to his double-mindedness and want to compromise to please multiple parties. His liberal policies such as advancing human rights, democracy and education globally crumbled against an embedded strategic realpolitik policy set of deeply embedded policy packages, such as the Nixon administration’s policy of arming the Shah. This caused Carter to cave to the pressure of grander Cold War containment policy, which underpinned US foreign policy during the Cold War.

Jimmy Carter’s Liberalism: A Failed Revolution of U.S. Foreign Policy?

Another reason that I still like Carter is that he like Truman did not try to profit off their presidency……Harry Truman was Carter’s favorite President. Carter told The Guardian in 2011 that he admired Truman for not trying to profit off his presidency.

A man of principles….something seriously lacking in our present day politicians.  The only time they show a spine is when they have nothing to lose for their stance…like re-election.

We need a “man” of principles again.

4 thoughts on “Where’s Jimmy?

  1. I got to see and shake hands with Carter a few days before the Florida primary in 1976 at the North Miami Community Center – about 125 people there. I think Ted Kennedy gave him more problems in congress than Republicans.

    1. Carter was a candidate ahead of his time……and the world today shows that we should have re-elected h9m in 1980…..chuq

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