Dem Debate–Part One

My humble thoughts as well as a few MSM thoughts……

Last night was the first part of the first Dem debate of the 2020 election season….first what the MSM had to say….

The first of two 10-candidate Democratic debates kicked off in Miami at 9pm Eastern Wednesday—and Elizabeth Warren got off to a strong start. The Washington Post reports that the senator was able to go straight to her stump speech when she got the first question of the night, about whether her plans to overhaul the economy are too risky. She argued that “structural change” is necessary. “When you’ve got a government, when you’ve got an economy that does great for those with money, but isn’t doing great for everyone else, that is corruption, pure and simple,” she said. More:

  • The AP reports that the first clash of the night was between Beto O’Rourke and Bill de Blasio. The New York City mayor interrupted O’Rourke when the Texan was explaining why he didn’t want to fully replace private health insurance with a government-run plan, saying “Private insurance is not working.” Warren and de Blasio were the only ones to raise their hands when the candidates were asked if they wanted to abolish private insurance.
  • Jay Inslee was one of the first candidates to slam President Trump, reports the Hill. The Washington governor targeted the president view’s on wind power. “Donald Trump is simply wrong. He says they cause cancer. I say they cause jobs.”
  • Another flashpoint was immigration. Julian Castro said a heartbreaking photo of a drowned migrant father and daughter should “piss us all off” and “spur us to action.” He also clashed with O’Rourke, accusing him of having not done “his homework” on the issue.
  • When asked about equal pay for men and women, Tulsi Gabbard talked about her military service in the National Guard instead, saying her service gave her national security expertise, the Guardian reports.
  • Trump, who said he would watch the debate on Air Force One, weighed in with a one-word tweet: “BORING!” He later attacked NBC for having a “horrible technical breakdown” that delayed the second half of the debate. “Truly unprofessional and only worthy of a FAKE NEWS Organization, which they are!” he tweeted.
  • On gun control, Warren said she would “double down” on research to find out “what really works.” Cory Booker, asked his gun buy back plan, said he lived in a neighborhood where he hears gunshots. “It’s not about policy, this is personal,” he said. De Blasio spoke about raising a black son and keeping him safe from police.
  • Booker was the only candidate who didn’t raise his hand when asked if support Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the AP reports. Asked to explain why, he said that as president, he would do his best “to secure this country.” Gabbard slammed Trump and his “chickenhawk Cabinet” for leading the country “to the brink of war with Iran.”
  • When the candidates were asked about what the biggest geo-political threat to the US was, Gabbard said it was the threat of nuclear war. John Delaney said it was China and nuclear weapons, and Inslee said it was Trump, USA Today reports.
  • Asked about the climate crisis, Inslee said he would be the only candidate to make it his No. 1 priority. Tim Ryan, asked about carbon mitigation, spoke about “real politics” instead, saying the party is seen as out of touch with working people.
  • Each candidate had a 45-second closing statement, and many of them focused on their personal stories. “Never in a million years did I think I’d stand on a stage like this,” Warren said. “When I was a child I didn’t have money to go to college, but I got my chance through community college.”

My take… was pretty boring  big ideas that can never be passed as long as our system remains in deadlock.  Second, too many candidates and so little time to speak there is NO way they could pass on their thoughts in 10 minutes or less.

Americans always gotta have a winner…..this debate it was Corey Booker not because of his ideas but rather he got the most exposure….and the loser?  Beto….he speaks Spanish…..not a game changer….plus he looks like a bad debater…..he had better tighten up.

My choice remains the same….. Tulsi Gabbard….she got so little time to put forth her agenda…..but she did have a moment….. “This president and his chickenhawk cabinet have taken us to the brink of war with Iran,” said Gabbard, who focused heavily on her military service. After Tim Ryan said the Taliban had flown planes into buildings, she fired back: “The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11. Al-Qaeda did.”

Then Ryan took a cheap shot at Tulsi in the spin after the debate…..called her meeting with Assad into question…that was just a cheap shot in retaliation for her correcting him.  That shot took him off my list of candidates…if he gets butt hurt over the correction what will he do when there is a crisis he must handle?

Tulsi does not get a fighting chance because of her antiwar stance….she gets no ‘love’ from the MSM that is in the business of promoting our many wars

The biggest idea that the MSM will focus on was from Jay Inslee when he said the the biggest threat to America was Donald Trump.  The most profound statement of the night…..but not enough to catapult him into the top tier (sorry).

Applause does not equate in votes.  Deep down the American people care little about immigration or climate change…I say this because when I talk with people not one has mentioned anything but what this election means to them personally…sorry but the country is not part of the equation…..big ideas are useless the election of 2016 should have illustrated this one fact.

It is obvious who the MSM (MSNBC) favored in this first debate…Warren, Booker and Castro….so much for objectivity.  Let’s see who they chose in Part Two.

That is the way it was last night at the Democratic Debate….and on to Thursday Night and the big guns.

9 thoughts on “Dem Debate–Part One

  1. Sounds pretty much like the usual school playground argument I would have expected. Point-scoring to the fore, and little about actual policies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yep everybody looking for a break-out moment……the best was Tulsi correcting Ryan who was wrong and should have known better….chuq

  2. I liked Delany’s statement when he listed the issues that people ask him about when he campaigned. Mostly jobs, economy and things that effect them, That was telling on what gge voters are interested in. No questions about Trump or climate change or tgevotger users the media likes to talk about.

    Gabbard made good points about bringing the troops home and staying out of wars.

  3. Tulsi is going to have a tough time getting traction with Democratic voters if she keeps getting endorsements from Republicans, winning straw polls on Drudge, and doing interviews with Breitbart.

    1. THe MSM will never do right by her and if she gets more traction in those areas then she could be better off than waiting for the DNC to do the right thing chuq

      1. Easy,,,give her a chance at interviews and spots to question her stands….right now all the MSM is doing is saying she met with Assad. chuq

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