DCCC Acting Like The Authoritarian Pricks

The Congressional Dems are trying to stop anyone from primary challenge to their members……in other words they are protecting the old fart cowards from being held accountable…..

Progressives made clear they have no intention of backing down to the party establishment after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Friday threatened to cut off funds to firms and strategists that support primary challengers against incumbents.

“The DCCC can do anything it wants to try to prevent the next generation of Democrats from taking power. They will not succeed,” Sean McElwee—co-founder of Data for Progress, which is recruiting progressives to oust conservative Democrats—said in a statement.

The new policy was included in the DCCC’s list of vendor hiring standards, which state that the organization “will not conduct business with, nor recommend to any of its targeted campaigns, any consultant that works with an opponent of a sitting member of the House Democratic Caucus.”

According to National Journal, which first reported the policy change, “Democrats involved in crafting the standards intend for them to bolster members across the ideological spectrum, from the fiscally conservative Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas to the progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota—both of whom could be subject to contested primaries.”

In other words the DCCC will decide who can run in the primaries….they want to take the people out of this decision and put forth the corporate owned toadies that we have had for the last 50 years.
I have a problem with any attempt, no matter what side of the aisle, that tries to eliminate the voter from making their choice of candidates…..this is a disastrous  attempt that cannot end well for the party….but they care not as long as the old farts are protected from a primary challenge.
Sounds like something of a “vanguard party” (anybody know what I mean?) leadership

7 thoughts on “DCCC Acting Like The Authoritarian Pricks

  1. Those old-school politicos always ‘close ranks’ when it comes to protecting their cushy jobs. It’s the same all over the world, chuq. Sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah…..and these guys are pathetic saying this is to protect anyone in Congress from having a primary challenge……and they do not see the problem…..chuq

  2. In all the outrage by the democrats over the Russian hacking and leaking of their emails, they keep failing to mention if the content of the emails had not shown them to be corrupt there would have been no damage.
    I remember that ever time I hear them complaining about their emails being leaked.

    The corripution was their favoring Hilary over the other candidates.

    Their tile should be to help Democrats win general elections. Not pick which democrat to support in the primaries.

    I thought they would have learned after they got caught and exposed. By the Russians.

    1. It is this way all the time…..they want only people that they, the DCCC, approves of…..this is the undemocratic BS that the Dems pretend they hate…..chuq

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