Karma Is Truly A Bitch

Closing Thought–09apr19

You got to love it when some a/hole gets his just desserts (no pun intended)…..

A big problem in Africa is poachers….those that kill animals for body parts they sell like ivory or rhino horn or a bladder or two……

I seem that Mother Nature is taking care of the poacher problem herself…….I wrote about it last year……https://lobotero.com/2018/07/07/now-thats-poetic-justice/

Sorry but that story made me chuckle a bit…..

Then over last weekend I read another story of Karma striking……

A poacher in South Africa in search of rhino horn instead brutally met his maker courtesy of a different beast altogether. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, the unidentified man was hunting Tuesday with four other men when he was trampled by an elephant, then apparently eaten by a pride of lions. When park officials began searching for his remains, all they found was a pair of pants and a skull. “Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise, it holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that,” says the preserve’s manager. “It is very sad to see the daughters of the deceased mourning the loss of their father, and worse still, only being able to recover very little of his remains.” The four surviving poachers have been charged

Once again a story that made me laugh out loud……and lions are cleaning up the mess……

See! Karma is truly a bitch!

More Deaths!

Our longest war, Afghanistan, has given the US 4 more deaths…..3 military and one civilian contractor were killed in convoy by an IED……

Three American service members and a US contractor were killed when their convoy hit a roadside bomb on Monday near the main US base in Afghanistan, the AP reports. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. The US and NATO Resolute Support mission said in a statement that the four Americans were killed near the Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, while three others were wounded in the explosion. The wounded were evacuated and are receiving medical care, the statement said. It added that in accordance with US Department of Defense policy, the names of service members killed in action are being withheld until after the notification of next of kin.

In their claim of responsibility, the Taliban said they launched the attack and that one of their suicide bombers detonated his explosives-laden vehicle near the NATO base. The conflicting accounts could not be immediately reconciled. On Tuesday, local officials said at least five Afghan civilians were wounded in the commotion after the attack on the American convoy. Four were passers-by and the fifth was a driver of a car going down the road, said Abdul Raqib Kohistani, the Bagram district police chief. Monday’s US fatalities bring to seven the number of US soldiers killed so far this year in Afghanistan. The Taliban have continued to carry out daily attacks on Afghan security forces despite holding several rounds of peace talks with the United States in recent months.

Time for the deaths to end because of this “war”….these were wasted lives for a hopeless situation.

IST would like to offer our heart felt condolences to the friends and family of the fallen soldiers……


Mayor Pete 4 2020

Mayor Pete of Indiana has become the darling of the MSM….he has replaced Beto in that position…..once Beto announced he did not hold the same allure for the media he once did……that is right now…..but the media has making sure that Mayor Pete is a household name……at least for now…..we know how fickle the MSM can be, right?

The rising Dem star needs to be introduced to a larger audience than he has so far……

In the past few weeks, Pete Buttigieg — the 37-year-old gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana — has become a surprising standout in the crowded 2020 Democratic field.

Riding a wave of good press stemming from his charismatic performance in a March 12 CNN town hall, Buttigieg appears to be raking in donations and going up in the polls. One recent national survey had him tied with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and ahead of Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). Media figures have widely praised his intelligence and command of policy; MSNBC host Joe Scarborough compared him, after an interview, to Barack Obama.

But as popular as Buttigieg is right now, there are still a lot of questions swirling around his candidacy. Can a mayor of a moderately sized city really make the leap to be president? Why is he getting so much media attention when female candidates with similar policy chops, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), aren’t? And where does Buttigieg fit in the big questions dividing the Democratic Party,from the rise of socialism to the direction of foreign policy?


Not everyone thinks the sun rises in this candidates eyes ….(I am one of those…..to me he is more acceptable than most Dem candidates….he just does not have the stand on war that I can support)……

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is being hyped as the “Democratic celebrity” of the moment. Buttigieg has been the subject of buzz since 2014, when the Washington Post called him “the most interesting mayor you’ve never heard of.” Now, Buttigieg is running for president, and headlines are appearing in New York and the New York Times like “Could Pete Buttigieg Become the First Millennial President?” and “The First Gay President?” Barack Obama has mentioned Buttigieg as one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party, he appeared at a well-received CNN town hall, FiveThirtyEight is charting his possible paths to the nomination (complete with inscrutable diagrams), and Buttigieg has been rising in the polls (even placing third in an Iowa poll after Biden and Sanders). He is still considered a long-shot. He’s only 37, and no one has ever gone directly from being a mayor to being a president, let alone the mayor of a city half the size of Boise. But of course, we live in strange times, and nobody had ever gone from firing D-list celebrities on a reality show to being president either, so if there’s one thing we should expect, it’s the unexpected.


I hope that voters will check out ALL candidates and not let the media pick your candidate for you.

What Happened To Infrastructure?

Let’s see…..a highway overpass collapses and the electric grid in my area is so fragile that if we get a strong thunderstorm we lose power just yesterday for 6 hours and brown outs on several occasions……these are just most recent happenings…….. our infrastructure sucks!

2016 gave us Donald Trump and also it gave us his idle promises that got him elected…..you know that wall that someone else would pay for, and he would fix our crumbling infrastructure….highways, bridges and such…..

What happened to that promise?

The American Conservative has asked the question as well……

Those who live and watch the weather in the Great Plains know that the storms there are not singular in their effects. A lot of factors come into play.

How much moisture is locked in the soil, what the previous months had wrought weather-wise, how much runoff the rivers had been handling, and even how the volatile currents in the atmosphere mix as spring jostles with winter—all these things affect whether you can take the kids to the park or plant the corn this week or next or go fishing on the river today or tomorrow.

In mid-March, all of those factors came into play, and what looked like a land-based hurricane hitting Nebraska and its neighboring states on the weather radar was just that: a horrific and record-breaking storm that even many old-timers had never seen the likes of before. Meteorologists call such storms “bomb cyclones” and this was one of the biggest ever. The flooding in Nebraska was the worst in 50 years.


I know that if you support Trump (I suggest that you have a check-up)you will hate the Dems “Green New Deal”, right?

I know you do not want to hear it but that plan/idea is an infrastructure plan….you know that same thing that Trump promised along for million of jobs his idea would create…….