Fahrenheit 451

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Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451? How watched the movie…both original and the cheap re-make?


It is about a future society that does not like people that read…..

Set in the twenty-fourth century, Fahrenheit 451 introduces a new world in which control of the masses by the media, overpopulation, and censorship has taken over the general population. The individual is not accepted and the intellectual is considered an outlaw. Television has replaced the common perception of family. The fireman is now seen as a flamethrower, a destroyer of books rather than an insurance against fire. Books are considered evil because they make people question and think. The people live in a world with no reminders of history or appreciation of the past; the population receives the present from television.

Ray Bradbury introduces this new world through the character Guy Montag, the protagonist, during a short time in his life.


This story ties in well with something else I read…….

Book burning is not a thing of the past, at least not in Poland, where Catholic priests recently burned books they believe to be sacrilegious. Among the tomes that went up in flames were Harry Potter books, thanks to concerns about witchcraft and sorcery. The evangelical SMS From Heaven Foundation posted pictures of the event on Facebook, along with Bible verses including one reading, “Burn the images of their gods” and another explaining, “Many of those who had practiced magic collected their books and burned them in front of everyone.”

Also burned, per AFP and the Guardian: a Hello Kitty umbrella, books from the Twilight series, and a Hindu religious figurine. The group’s post has gone viral, and the BBC quotes some unsupportive comments left on it, including one noting, “I have not met anyone yet who would rape, murder and steal in the name of Harry Potter. In the name of the Bible, yes.” Other comments were supportive, like one suggesting, “Get rid of everything that does not please God and see how your life will change.”


It is the 21st century….this from a religion that spends more money protecting pedophiles but they do not want children reading fiction…this is pathetic and just another reason I do not like organized religion in any shape or style.

The garden awaits….the perfect time of the year…..cool sunny weather with a bit of rain sprinkled in (pun intended)….. I shall enjoy for as long as I can for the stifling heat of Summer is not far away……MoMo is getting her exercise…….she is a tan blur as she goes galloping past…….kids!

First Contact

Just like in Star Trek…..we are always looking to make first contact with an alien civilization….

Now ask…is it possible we missed that first contact with all the UFO sightings?

NASA and Harvard physicists claimed that the hunt for other forms of life outside Earth may require entertaining extreme possibilities because we may have missed alien signals from UFO sightings.

According to Avi Loeb from Harvard, “Aliens are not science fiction.” He added that not discussing aliens is a crime as it is not just speculation much like extra dimensions and dark matter.

Silvano P. Colombano of NASA’s Ames Research Center, on the other hand, suggested that there is a chance that the world may have missed alien signals in its hunt for UFOs. He claimed that intelligence and form of life on Earth might just be the first step in continuous evolution. This means that there could be superior forms of intelligence, considerably more advanced than that of Earth, and that they may not be based on the same carbon “machinery.”


What if aliens are not ignoring us but rather spending their time observing us……

Why hasn’t Earth received any messages from extraterrestrials yet? Perhaps because we’re already unwitting inhabitants in a so-called galactic zoo.

This was one of the scenarios a group of international researchers explored on March 18 at a meeting organized by the nonprofit organization Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI). The gathering, which took place at the City of Science and Industry museum in Paris (Cité), brought together about 60 scientists who research the possibility of communication with hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrials.

There, they debated “The Great Silence” — why aliens haven’t contacted us — exploring one possibility known as the “zoo hypothesis.” First proposed in the 1970s, it describes Earth as a planet that is already under observation by “galactic zookeepers” who are deliberately concealing themselves from human detection,


You know kinda like when we go to the local zoo and make fun of the primates flinging their poop around…..personally I think there is a sign out there saying avoid at all costs…kinda like taking the wrong off ramp and finding oneself in a gang infested neighborhood….or a sign saying “Keep moving No intelligent life here”….

This next part is something I can see…..I have watched the OCD individuals approach to “Ancient Alien” stuff…….

One last thought……could the belief in alien life be the next religion?

Belief in the little green men (or tall, suspiciously Nordic, hyper-enlightened space brethren, depending on whose accounts you believe) has long been a one-way ticket to social disrepute. It belongs to the chainsmoking Nevada diner waitress, the virginal malcontent reading anti-Semitic lizard people websites in his mother’s basement, the aunt whose minivan is littered with pamphlets on lesser-known Marian apparitions and dire end-times prophecies, the bearded ’70s peace-and-love guru who later turned out to be a sex criminal. It is precisely three steps above joining the Black Hebrew Israelites.

But that seems to be changing. A new book by D.W. Pasulka — professor and chair of the department of philosophy and religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington — American Cosmic: UFOs Religion, and Technology, focuses not on grassroots investigative societies or marginal cults, but on UFO believers in the halls of power.

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