World Affairs Briefing

Closing Thought–01Apr19

As a foreign policy wonk I would like for the candidates to have at least a little knowledge of international situations so they can formulate a policy to tell the voters.

For too long candidates have ignored foreign policy and played the issue by ear when asked….

2020 candidates will have a leg up on other candidates from the past…..

Two former top CIA officials have compiled an unclassified report on the major national security challenges facing the United States, which they are distributing to every candidate running for president.

The report, which former acting CIA directors Michael Morell and John McLaughlin call a “briefing book,” is modeled on the classified oral briefing that the intelligence community provides to the nominees of each major political party running for president, usually after the nominating conventions.

The former officials said they’re distributing their briefing now, more than a year before nominees are selected, in response to “the recent rise and abundance of fake news and foreign election interference,” according to a copy reviewed by The Washington Post.

But not all people see the need for this “service” to the candidates……but I cannot see any drawback… least the candidates will have knowledge and a grasp at the situations that will confront them if they are elected president.

11 thoughts on “World Affairs Briefing

  1. It seems as if past indiscretions and background are more important than policies and ability. Perhaps they should get some Mormons to run? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Rarely do I hear the words ‘informed’ and ‘politicians’ used in the same thought. I fear that’s a fantasy novel yet to be published!

      1. Bolton most honest. Rightwing, militaristic, aggressive patriot with no tricks. You know right where’s his heart is just like with Barry Goldwater. No deceit. Pompeo seems pragmatic and purposeful and Huckabee has Jesus on his side.

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