The South Shall Rise Again

So far that promise has yet to materialize….but they keep hoping and wishing…..

I live in the South and many of my friends are into the American Civil War……some even play at the war game in re-enactments….but I have found that not many actually have any idea about the history surrounding the war…..

And this is where I offer my usual history lesson……

First, a few simple facts about the American Civil War that every American should know……here are the ten most needed facts……

The South’s attempt to control their future has been called a “Lost Cause”….there are “tenets” that feed this “romantic” look at this War………

The Lost Cause interpretation of the Civil War typically includes the following six assertions:

1. Secession, not slavery, caused the Civil War.

2. African Americans were “faithful slaves,” loyal to their masters and the Confederate cause and unprepared for the responsibilities of freedom.

3. The Confederacy was defeated militarily only because of the Union’s overwhelming advantages in men and resources.4. Confederate soldiers were heroic and saintly

5. The most heroic and saintly of all Confederates, perhaps of all Americans, was Robert E. Lee.

6. Southern women were loyal to the Confederate cause and sanctified by the sacrifice of their loved ones.

Finally there are ten opinions from historians on why the South lost the war……

For the past 130 years Americans have argued over the reasons for the Confederacy’s downfall. Diverse opinions have appeared in hundreds of books, but the numerous possibilities have never adequately been summarized and gathered together in one place. So we decided to ask ten of the country’s most respected Civil War historians: “Why did the South lose the Civil War?” Here (edited for length) are their answers.

There you have your history lesson which is more than most students get in their education……

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

Report Of The Day!

All day long!

TV pundits have been waiting for this chance….they will have an entire day to pass on their opinions on what is the report and what it means…..the rest of us will have had enough by lunch.

Today is the big day……..the Mueller Report will be released to the public sans the sensitive stuff that Barr does not want the public to see….

America is on the edge of their seats awaiting this report…..we want to see what is what for ourselves…..without the editorializing by AG Barr….

So here is everything you need to know when the report is finally released……

Almost two years in the making, a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 election is expected to be made public Thursday morning.

Mueller’s team of 19 lawyers and 40 investigators interviewed approximately 500 witnesses, issued 2,800 subpoenas, reached out to 13 foreign governments and executed almost 500 search warrants in the probe, which began in May 2017.

Many of those interviewed included those who’ve been at the highest levels of the White House, including former chiefs of staff John Kelly and Reince Preibus, and ex-White House counsel Don McGahn. The probe led to 35 people and three companies being criminally charged, including former nationa for I want to see who is going to experience that ire and the retaliation of a weak ego-centric president.l security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and the president’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

I cannot wait! I shall read all 400 pages for I want to see who will experience the ire and the retaliation of this weak ego-centric president.

Who will be the first to get their own Tweet from Herr trump lounging in his silk PJs while eating a Big Mac?

Who will it be?

The next question we should be asking……why is the AG acting as the PR person for the president?

For instance…..Barr will have a Presser to answer questions before the report is seen….

President Trump may not be too surprised by what’s in the soon-to-be-released Mueller report. Turns out the Justice Department has discussed it several times with White House lawyers, in effect helping them plan a counter-attack against Robert Mueller’s findings, insiders tell the New York Times. Meanwhile, Attorney General William Barr has announced a 9:30am Thursday press conference before the redacted report comes out; Congress is expected to get a version with fewer redactions by around noon, per the AP. President Trump says he might hold his own presser about the Mueller report on Thursday, ABC News reports.

And finally……how can the president and his toadies prepare a rebuttal to a report they supposedly have not read?

So many questions for so many aspects of this situation.

Here We Go Again!

The US has started many useless wars and our Dear Supreme Leader Trump has just decided we have not had enough war…so why not just start another drawn out affair?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The U.S. is committing itself to a long-term stabilization mission in a chronically unstable country. The mission involves training and equipping the local government forces to fight against jihadi insurgents and won’t end until those local forces are capable of fighting on their own. Unfortunately, recruitment is low and the training is slow going, in part because the local U.S.-backed government is weak and commands little public support. Under the pretext of fighting international terrorism, the U.S. is taking on a group that poses little direct threat to the United States, is being drawn into local conflicts unrelated to its ostensible mission, and risks creating more radicalization through civilian casualties.

It could be Iraq or Afghanistan (or substitute communist for jihadi and it could be any number of Cold War proxy conflicts), but in this case it’s Somalia.

We have Iraq, Syria, Yemen and now an extension of our commitment to Somalia……of goody….HERE WE GO AGAIN!

When will the American people hit their saturation point for war?  We keep allowing these “leaders” (I use the term loosely) to send our citizens into wars that serve no purpose other than making profits for some and death for others…..

Why is this?