One More “National Emergency”

We have an imaginary national emergency on the border and we will throw money at a problem that does not exist only in the mind of a delusional malignant toad.

He, Trump, has even stopped aid to “3 Mexican counties” (as FOX News put it…..”
Sunday morning’s Fox & Friends applauded President Donald Trump’s Saturday directive to cut aid to Central American countries by declaring, “Trump Cuts U.S Aid to 3 Mexican Countries.” )…..he keeps doubling down on this border fantasy that his base laps up like sweet pudding…….

Taking drastic action over illegal immigration, President Trump moved Saturday to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, whose citizens are fleeing north and overwhelming US resources at the southern border. The State Department notified Congress that it would look to suspend 2017 and 2018 payments to the trio of nations, which have been home to some of the migrant caravans that have marched through Mexico to the US border, reports the AP.

We know there will be a full field of Dem candidates for 2020….so the question is will Trump stand for re-election?

My thought is yes he will because he has not milking all the money he can out of the presidency.

Now let’s say he loses his bid….will he go peacefully from office?

What better way to retain that hold than to use a tactic he, Trump, has used before….declare a “national emergency” and stay in the White House until the legal wrangling is over.

I wrote about that awhile back……

The below article was printed in Raw Story… pertains to the Mueller Report more so than an election but the outcome could be the same…..

But ultimately, politics is not about what is always right and just but rather what is practical and expedient.

Why is impeaching Donald Trump viewed by many people — including prominent Democrats — as a near-term impossibility? Could impeachment succeed, and under what circumstances? Are congressional investigations and hearings a better way of holding Trump and his administration accountable for their misdeeds and general disregard for democracy? What would happen if Donald Trump were to be impeached and convicted, or if he loses the 2020 presidential election? Would he declare a national emergency in an effort to stay in office?

I recall there were many that thought GW and Obama would use their executive power to retain office, their hold on the presidency, but Trump strikes me as someone who would want to retain his strangle hold on the country and its policies.

Side Note: This is just an opinion….no one is saying this will happen….just that it could….please do some thought before attacking….works best for everyone.

14 thoughts on “One More “National Emergency”

  1. At one time, I thought he might not stand again, as he dislikes the criticism so much. But given the lack of any real opposition, I now believe he will try for a second term.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He will…his approval has gone up to 40% and that is an high that he relishes… far the media favorites show me little…Beto, Mayor Pete and even Biden….I see too much “Clinton” in their stands….chuq

  2. Imaginary emergency ? No crisis ? Huh ? 74,000 in Feb. 100,000 in March. Projecting over 100,000 in April and well over 1 million for 2019 and nowhere to put them so they are released into the population. No crisis ? Border Patrol, Homeland Security, ICE, and local law enforcement all screaming in desperation. Where do they live? How do they get fed ? Who shoulders medical needs ? How will criminal element be weeded out ? Cities already flooded with homeless. Most children do not have vaccinations and then there is HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis to deal with let alone diabetes and heart disease. Less than 5% ever appear for their hearing and since no address cannot even be notified.

    1. Not one was a so-called “criminal”…those come in thru legal points…..this is NOT a problem only in the minds of low information people….chuq

      1. Then how have 30,000 MS13 thugs gotten into US ? What is your response to these problems I have listed ? So Border Patrol. Homeland Security, ICE and local law enforcement are all drunk on cactus juice and imagining all these people ? The facilities are not packed beyond capacity ? I remember 50 years ago mescaline made 1 thing look like 50 things but this is not the case on the border.

      2. For one MS-13 is a gang from LA and I doubt very seriously there are 30,000 members…..they are imagining the gang members in the numbers said…..there is a problem but they are NOT the enemy they are people looking for a better life…..I begrudge anyone for that…..chuq

  3. My opinion is that if he loses he will leave on Inauguration Day as normal.
    There could be a lawsuit over the results, and street protects but I don’t see more than that.

  4. I do not think these people are the enemy either. They live in constant fear. Fear from their own government army, from their own corrupt police, from rebels, from drug cartels and from MS13.Then there is the cross fire shooting war between all the mentioned groups. They live in war zones. Infrastructure in deterioration and basics like medical care and mere clean water out of reach for many. Under all those conditions they are legal “refugees” in most cases under our own laws. The tragedy is “What are we to do with them all ?” and “Where would all the necessary welfare come from ?” I don’t blame them from trying to get in either. I would too. Trump called them shithole countries. Well, that’s precisely why they are leaving but the mess is no illusionary crisis. Seems Mexicans have claim to refugees status too as they also live in a war zone as perhaps 15,000 innocents killed in drug cartel crossfire warfare in last dozen years. There is more terrorism by many times over than is in the Middle East and Africa right on our own southern border and that is a frightening crisis that will continue and it is far beyond any effort to control immigration. On this I am confident we agree.

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