Makes Good Fertilizer!

A Beautiful Sunday here in the golden Gulf Coast……fruit trees are full of fruit…grape vines are starting to climb……and we wait for the stifling heat of Summer waiting for the “season” to begin.  And if you are in the Midwest and suffering from that snowstorm… being you.

Remember in the movie Soylent Green….people were recycled into food after they passed on…, huh?

I like the series on the tube, The Expanse, and in one episode the cop is in the morgue checking on some dead guy…..the ME asked if he was finished because the agri-sphere needed some fertilizer.

Now this is just some ramblings by a blogger right?

Not really!

Residents in the state of Washington are set to become the first in US to be permitted to be disposed of by so-called “human composting”, a process that rapidly transforms remains into soil and is considered less harmful to be environment than burial or cremation.

Members of the state legislature voted to pass bill SB500l, a measure that would legalise the use of both alkaline hydrolysis and natural organic reduction for human bodies. 

The move comes amid growing interest in alternative ways of disposing of human bodies. Supporters of the bill have said they like the idea of their remains being recycled and helping nourish plants or trees.

I once joked that when I died I wanted to be put through a chipper and then spread my remains over a wheat field so I could become a loaf of Roman Meal bread (It was a long time ago)…..those days are not that far away.

But seriously folks…..

Katrina Spade is the CEO of the human composting company, Recompose, and told CNN affiliate KIRO-TV she is hoping her company can be one of the first to build a facility for the practice.

She explained to KIRO the complex process of turning a dead body into soil.

“(The) body is covered in natural materials, like straw or wood chips, and over the course of about three to seven weeks, thanks to microbial activity, it breaks down into soil,” she said.

While the dead body is being broken down, Spade said families of the deceased will be able to visit her facility and will ultimately receive the soil that remains of their loved. It is up to the family how they want to use that soil, Spade said.

“And if they don’t want that soil, we’ll partner with local conservation groups around the Puget Sound region so that that soil will be used to nourish the land here in the state,” she said.

The process was the focus of a new study at Washington State University, according to KIRO, in which six people donated their bodies for research.
“We proved recomposition was indeed safe and effective for humans as well,” Spade said.

My garden awaits (no pun intended)…..a small glass of wine, some Brie and aa few crackers.

Be well, Be safe…..chuq

The Saga Of The 5G

I hope all are enjoying their weekend…..

The world is moving at “light speed” when it comes to our available info on the worldwide web……and now the newest proposal is a lightening fast 5G…..Hell I remember when 2G was all the rage….but then I am a old fart.

Apparently 4G is just not doing the job in our search for more info faster……enter the promise of 5G….actually I think it is the search for better games and social media updates than the search for knowledge.

The story is that we will need 5G if we are to compete globally……or so the con job goes…….

The United States and China are in a race to build 5G networks, the next generation of wireless network that will enable faster data speeds and be used by self-driving cars and smart cities that rely on the Internet of Things.

On April 12, U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the Federal Communications Commission unveiled several initiatives to accelerate 5G network deployment in the United States. “Secure 5G networks will absolutely be a vital link to America’s prosperity and national security in the 21st century,” Trump said.

Trump maintained: “The race to 5G is a race America must win, and it’s a race, frankly, that our great companies are now involved in.”

That is the narrative that is being passed around……let’s look at it shall we?

As the successor to 4G, 5G is set to completely transform the way we do business. Bringing enormous data capacity, rapid speeds, and incredibly low latency, 5G marks a huge step up from its predecessor

Not only does 5G promise to boost efficiency and unleash the potential of automation, but it will also enable us to explore developing technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The first 5G networks will begin to arrive in 2020, resulting in unparalleled levels of disruption.

Organisations need to prepare for the possibilities that this next-generation connectivity will offer with those that are fastest to embrace the changes set to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. This next-generation network connectivity is set to reinvent the world of business — here are five reasons why 5G is the future:

5 reasons why 5G is the future

Not everybody sees 5G as the best thing……shall we look into that?

Around 20,000 satellites from the new 5G network rollout will be launched into space and beam intense radiation to a large portion of the Earth. At around 1,000 times the speed of 4G, it is shaping up to become a radioactive nightmare for humans. So, how bad can this be for our health?

According to Martin L. Pall, professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, there are four reasons why radiation from the 5G network will be dangerous for humans: an extraordinary number of antennae are required, high outputs are needed for penetration, pulsation levels will be very high, and it will have an impact on the human body’s cellular electrical field.

Sounds like 5G will take a massive infrastructure plan…..anyone have any thoughts about 5G?