Closing Thought–30Jan19

You want Trump to listen?

I have a few friends that I consider part of the Far Right…..and I read this article and if they have a podcast then they could, if they wanted, to get Trump’s attention…and here is how to go about that task……

Nancy Pelosi wants to work with Donald Trump. That’s the message the incoming speaker of the House has been broadcasting, countering the #Resistance mood among her conference’s left wing. “Pelosi told me that she and the House Democrats had every intention of working with President Trump on things like lowering prescription-drug costs, rebuilding America’s infrastructure and protecting the young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers from deportation,” Robert Draper wrote in his cover profile of Pelosi after the midterm elections for the New York Times Magazine. Pelosi’s December 11 meeting with the president in the Oval Office was a demonstration, however unsuccessful, of her willingness to engage with the man.

But there’s no formula for successfully negotiating with this mercurial, ad hoc chief executive. Pelosi’s first attempt to do so, an agreement in September 2017 to protect the Dreamers from deportation in exchange for border security funding, fell apart not long after it was announced.

Hopefully this will be helpful if my blogging friends decide to visit and read….


3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30Jan19

  1. I don’t have any friends with extreme right views. But none of my real friends share my own hard left ones either. I doubt people are persuaded to cooperate so easily. I’m sure I wouldn’t be.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. To work with someone you have to give them something to get them yo give you something. Do far, Nancy has not been willing to give anything
    She wants to work with him to get passed all the things she wants.

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