Do We Really Need A War With Venezuela?

That is a serious and Legitimate question?

Well do we?

Our cracker jack Chief of Staff Bolton seems to to hunting along those lines…….

During a Monday White House press briefing national security adviser John Bolton was photographed carrying a notepad — presumably as he was fresh out of a national security meeting  and one of the things which appears to be handwritten on the pad is “5,000 troops to Colombia.”

The contents of the notepad were spotted almost immediately by multiple journalists online after an NBC news release featuring the AP photo was published. More precisely the full contents appear to read:

Personally and I am not alone do not think that US troops need to participate in any any shape of form in the situation in Venezuela.By Dou

The Trump Administration is backing Juan Guaidó, the 35-year-old leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly as the legitimate leader of the country.

Many in Washington, like Sen. Marco Rubio, who has urged the Trump Administration to publicly support Mr. Guaidó, are hopeful that the groundswell of support across the international community for Maduro’s political opponents will lead to Maduro’s removal from power by forces inside Venezuela. This would be the best outcome.

For others, the role of the Reagan Administration in removing Ferdinand Marcos from power in the Philippines is a useful precedent. The problem with this approach is that the Trump Administration risks getting caught in the unsavory trap of backing regime change via an internal coup d’etat cloaked in the legitimacy of the National Assembly, designed to confirm Washington’s preference regarding who enjoys the support of the Venezuelan People and who precisely should rule in Caracas.

This just keeps getting closer and closer to all out conflict…..time for the US to step back and let the people of Venezuela decide their own future……I am thinking about eh cluster fuck the US caused in Chile in the 1970s… was not pretty and Venezuela will not be pretty.

Nicolás Maduro was re-elected Venezuela’s president last May by fraudulent means, as regional governments and independent observers noted at the time, and his leadership lacks legitimate authority. Maduro, in office if not in power since 2013, has proved himself an incompetent and unimpressive successor to the late socialist president, Hugo Chávez, on whose name and reputation he shamelessly trades.

Maduro has disastrously mismanaged Venezuela’s potentially wealthy economy, overseeing severe shortages of food and medicine and hyperinflation. His authoritarian rule, enforced by violence, has exacerbated social divisions, undermined democratic institutions and free media, caused millions to flee abroad and alienated neighbouring countries.

What’s the old say ……..”Yankee go home”…..and we should do just that.

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5 thoughts on “Do We Really Need A War With Venezuela?

  1. My guess is that they think it will be an ‘easy war’, like Grenada. They will also presume to count on the support of the people who are unhappy with the situation in the country. Trump would have his ‘victory’, but at what cost? They should look up ‘The Bay Of Pigs’ on Google.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Chief of Staff Bolton owns how many shares o Citgo stock? Venezuela is no Granada! How many people know that 120,000+ low income Americans in 22 states and DC got access to below market fuel oil from Chavez and CITGO between 2004 and 2014? This is just about reinstating upper class Ladino Venezuelans as the not-friendly to poor rural Venezuelans rulers.

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