Get Down To Business

Closing Thought–15Jan19

The Congress could get into the fray by passing a bill to re0open the government

We all know about the government shutdown that the president and the Congress have given the country….800,000 employees are on furlough…no cash coming in until the deadlock is broken.

No matter which side of the political aisle you stand on this situation is silly but the government could pass a bill to re-open the government and wait for the presidential veto that they could override.

The House has new Dems and they are in the majority abd they will pass a bill and then it will go to the Senate where it will die because McConnell refuses to consider any bill to re-open the government……and instead he pushes some bill that would protect Israel.

Really Israel is more important that the employees that keeps this country moving?

The Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives (along with a dozen fed-up Republicans) has passed multiple bills to reopen all or parts of the government immediately. While these bills could become law with a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate, notwithstanding any potential Trump veto, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has repeatedly blocked attempts to even give them a vote on the senate floor, calling them a waste of time.

While McConnell believes debating legislation to fund TSA screeners, border security agents, and the federal court system to be unnecessary, he has supported further debate about the Middle East. For the third consecutive week, the Senate is scheduled to spend Monday considering S. 1, the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019.

F*ck Israel…..F*ck McConnell……F*ck Trump
Time for these spineless douche bags to go to work.  Apparently Israeli money has bought the GOP and tells them what and when to do.
These old farts are not making any points with the public……but then this 100 old farts are owned by lobbyists and Israel….they care NOTHING for the people they are suppose to serve.
But when will the voting public realize just how useless these people are to the functioning of the country?
They need to be voted out and bring in some fresh blood that cares more about the country less about their standing with Israel.
In closing the president has made his thoughts known:

The conservative Daily Caller has printed an anonymous op-ed from a writer described as “senior official in the White House,” and the author makes some controversial statements about the ongoing government shutdown, including:

  • “For the sake of our nation, I hope it lasts a very long time, till the government is changed and can never return to its previous form.”
  • “Due to the lack of funding, many federal agencies are now operating more effectively from the top down on a fraction of their workforce, with only select essential personnel serving national security tasks.”
  • “We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them.”

The author says he or she is one of the federal workers currently working without a paycheck, but sees the sacrifice as worth it if the shutdown leads to a leaner government. The vast majority of federal employees—the author estimates 80%—are good-for-nothing clock-punchers or, worse, “saboteurs” out to wreck the Trump presidency, the author argues. The rest are “exceptional patriots.” President Trump himself endorsed the column on Twitter on Tuesday morning. “Worth the read,” he wrote. Read the column in full here

I have about enough of this d/bag that you elected….the country will be so much better when he has gone the way of the do-do……period!
What a great bunch of d/bags.

30 thoughts on “Get Down To Business

      1. Our Buffoon-in-Chief is thinking about getting out of NATO… because Putin wants it. Does “traitor” come to mind? Oh wait.. we need to be at war for that to work.

  1. Everybody always wants to vote new blood into the Congress in order to effect change … but inevitably when the new blood gets into power they morph into clones of the very thing they replaced —

  2. I read some reports yesterday that say that the vote to over ride a veto would be a close vote in the senate. Some senatirs think the votes are there and some don’t. Most agree at least ten republicans would vote to over ride but they need more than ten. A majority of republican senators still agree with McConnell. He will stuck to his guns until a majority of the rupublucisn senators change their position.
    They also say that it the over ride would not even come close to passing the house.

    My wife worked for a federal agency fir over twenty years before retiring. She saw a lot of employees and managers who were not productive and should have been fired, but could not be because of the high bar. The reason for firing had to be well documented. But the per cent was a lot less than righty per cent. The vast majority did their jobs.

    Maybe the person who wrote the article is happy with no good inspections, no income tax returns, no national parks, no FHA or HUD closing and not enough TSA or air traffic controllers but I am not. And those are just the few things I know about.

    1. One of many reasons I am not fond of unions, OG. Questionable employees just stick around because it’s tough to get rid of them. I was once a supervisor in a union environment. Ugh. Never again.

      1. I was a union man for my entire working life. So we will have to disagree on that issue, Doug.
        (Then again, I was also a Communist, so we may also disagree on that. 🙂 )
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. Unionism is next to Socialism… it should be recognized completely for it’s role in history in taming the business barons of the early to mid 20th century, no question. And unfortunately is has a role with government employees. But it’s more or less obsolete in the real world. Lots of reasons.. I could go on forever.

        I just hear about Brexit. Big mess for both our countries as a result of conservatism run amok.

      3. I was a union organizer….I agree some join unions for the wrong reasons but most of the ones I ran into were looking for a better deal from employers chuq

      4. Yep…I was active in my youth….all I wanted was a better country for the population…I failed…and I have to live with that….chuq

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  4. Hey piss everyone off, Mitch and Donnie! Less than two years till the next elections, and several of those up for election are Republican senators that need replaced! M[aggot]A[ssholes]G[angbanging]A[merica]

    1. Nice slogan…I know it stood for more that advertised…LOL I hope we can replace the spineless that remain in Congress…the country would be so much better….chuq

  5. Those four GI’s just killed in the Syria bombing died because of the asshole President spouted off about having killed all of ISIS and the pulling out. Gawd I hate what this guy is doing to the country!

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