Just Days Before Christmas

AS we get closer to the day our shopping and thoughts are on Christmas….but did you know that we passed a milestone a couple of days ago?

11 December is the horniest day of the year……say what?

December is the most popular month for making babies, research shows, and the horniest (or at least most fertile) day of them all may be December 11, according to a new report. Perhaps it’s because sperm thrives in the cold. Maybe eggnog is an aphrodisiac, or it’s the pent-up stress of endless retail lines finding carnal expression.

Regardless, December 11 may be your lucky day.

This estimate is based on the fact that more babies are born in the middle of September than at any time of the year. The most popular birthday is September 16, based on analysis of national UK birth records (admittedly, one conducted by a sex toy retailer and not a team of researchers), making the sexiest day for prospective parents December 11. However, other data indicates that the most popular birthday is closer to September 9, which may shift this slightly. Suffice to say there’s some wiggle room.


Could this explain the depression that is so reported in this “time of the year”?

Now aren’t you glad you came by?  LOL

6 thoughts on “Just Days Before Christmas

      1. Evidence shows Puritans fairly robust sexually. Women were constantly pregnant bearing 10-15 children but infant mortality so high if 2 or 3 reached teens and then adulthood they were lucky. And they liked their beer, hard apple cider and “ye stronge Jamaycan drinke.”

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