Just Days Before Christmas

AS we get closer to the day our shopping and thoughts are on Christmas….but did you know that we passed a milestone a couple of days ago?

11 December is the horniest day of the year……say what?

December is the most popular month for making babies, research shows, and the horniest (or at least most fertile) day of them all may be December 11, according to a new report. Perhaps it’s because sperm thrives in the cold. Maybe eggnog is an aphrodisiac, or it’s the pent-up stress of endless retail lines finding carnal expression.

Regardless, December 11 may be your lucky day.

This estimate is based on the fact that more babies are born in the middle of September than at any time of the year. The most popular birthday is September 16, based on analysis of national UK birth records (admittedly, one conducted by a sex toy retailer and not a team of researchers), making the sexiest day for prospective parents December 11. However, other data indicates that the most popular birthday is closer to September 9, which may shift this slightly. Suffice to say there’s some wiggle room.


Could this explain the depression that is so reported in this “time of the year”?

Now aren’t you glad you came by?  LOL

Today In History…….1773

As always I try to give my readers more insight into the America that we all know and love but some of the information has been clouded with bullsh*t.

Take the Boston Tea Party which was carried out on this day in 1773…..there are a butch of myths that surround that fateful day….so let’s dis-spell a couple……

Myth #1

The Tea Act imposed a tax on American colonists (which is why tax protestors often revere the Boston Tea Party).


The Tea Act did no such thing; instead the actual law gave the East India Company a tax break on tea shipped to the American colonies, along with special new privileges for shipping tea directly to consignees in America, both of which would have reduced the price of tea for Americans.  On the other hand, Americans were already paying a tax of three pennies per pound on legally imported tea under the Revenue Act of 1767, which (unlike the other “Townshend duties”) was still on the books after 1770.  This combination of an existing tax on Americans and a new tax break for the East India Company concerned the Sons of Liberty, who worried that cheaper tea would seduce Americans into paying a tax passed by Parliament, where Americans weren’t represented.[i]


More on the events that began with Tea Party……

At the time, the event that took place in Boston on the night of December 16, 1773 was not called the “Tea Party.” For more than 50 years, if it was mentioned at all in print, it was usually as “the destruction of the tea.” Bostonians never celebrated it as they did their triumphs over other British measures. Patriot leaders cited the Indian disguises worn by some in the boarding parties in order to deny responsibility for the affair and claim it was the work of outsiders.


The weekend is a good time to expand your knowledge.

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

The Pain Of It All

I recently shared my story on my pain management and what the government is doing to make it all so much worse.  I posted my article on my opinion website, Gulf South Free Press.


I agree the the opioid thingy is getting out of hand and the the government should step in but not in the heavy handed approach they are considering right now….

A primary care physician assistant’s work typically looks a lot like that of other providers in the field: conducting physical exams, administering tests and checkups, and taking other steps to ensure that a patient is generally in good health. But in the middle of America’s deadly opioid epidemic, Lindsay Fox has taken on another task too — figuring out how to treat patients in the throes of drug addiction.

“This is not an easy group of people to treat,” Fox, who sees patients at the Southwest Mesa Clinic in Albuquerque, told me. “However, to bear witness and share space with someone who … has been supported by their family and their clinic and their provider, and has really challenged themselves to transition off of opioids and find sobriety, that’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever witnessed as a provider. Looking back at all the stories, that’s really what keeps me going.”


More about the problem…….

The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug overdose crisis in US history — on track to kill more people over the next decade than currently live in entire American cities like Miami or Baltimore.

A new study, published in the American Journal of Public Health on Thursday by Stanford researchers Allison Pitt, Keith Humphreys, and Margaret Brandeau, tries to parse out how America can reduce the death toll. Using a mathematical model, the study brings together research and expert opinions to calculate the epidemic’s death toll and how different policy ideas can stem the toll.

First, a shocking number: 510,000. That’s a rough estimate of how many people will die over the next decade due to opioid-related causes, which include overdoses and other causes of death tied to opioids, such as HIV infections from sharing syringes. But the researchers caution that the number, as with other estimates in the study, are fuzzy and subject to change — given that this is, after all, trying to predict the future.


I am one of those people that will get screwed by the governmental approach….I need pain management and the government sees me as addicted to the drugs because I have been taking them for so long……the problem is unless you are truly dealing with pain then all this means nothing to you…..

Pain is an interesting ailment…..most people do not see the pain so they cannot imagine what it is all about.  So most people that do not experience the ailment have NO idea…..like me…..my right leg feels like someone hit me with a 2X4 with every step…..try that and then come talk to me…..

I read a open letter to people that cannot grasp what pain is……

I have a friend. A poisonous friend.

When she is angry, she makes my days hell and my nights sleepless. She attacks me when I least expect it, especially if I’m lulled into a sense of security. She follows me everywhere, every day to the point where I truly cannot remember a time that I lived totally out of her clutches.

She is cruel. She cares little for family occasions, first dates, social events and the like. She perhaps forces me to stay home, or she makes sure she is right there with me, ensuring I don’t forget her presence for a moment.


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