Just Where Is That?

About 30 years ago my late uncle was visiting from New Mexico and had his retirement check forwarded to our house….when it arrived he went to a local bank branch to cash it and they told him that any international transactions had to be done at the main branch downtown….I remember thinking that it was stupidity that these people did not know that New Mexico was an American state and not some province of Mexico….

They may have been misinformed 30 years ago…..and not much has changed in those long 30 years….

New Mexico is among the 50 states, everybody knows that. Well, everybody but a clerk and supervisor at the Washington DC Courts Marriage Bureau. Just ask Gavin Clarkson, a New Mexico resident who recently got a marriage license in the country’s capital (which is not a state). When Clarkson (whose now-wife Marina lives in DC) handed over his New Mexico driver license to prove his identity, the clerk refused it and instead requested an international passport, the Las Cruces Sun News reports. Clarkson protested, and the clerk checked with a supervisor.

“They come back and say ‘my supervisor says we cannot accept international driver’s licenses. Do you have a New Mexico passport,’” Clarkson, a recent candidate for New Mexico secretary of state, recounts in a Facebook post. Clarkson says the clerk even complimented him on his command of the English language (though it’s his wife, who is from Argentina, who has a slight accent). About 20 minutes later, everything was sorted out and the clerk apologized. “We understand that a clerk in our Marriage Bureau made a mistake regarding New Mexico’s 106-year history as a state,” a DC courts rep told the Sun News. “We very much regret the error and the slight delay it caused a New Mexico resident in applying for a DC marriage license.”

Seems student still do not pay attention in class…..

Saaturday is a bust…time to kick back and do what I do best….relax!

“A Sucker Born Every Minute”

Another Saturday and another day closer to Christmas…..I shall do what I can in the garden after all it is cooler temps now and things grow slower than in Summer…..cool days and I spend a lot of time in the garden watching grass grow…LOL….I am retired so there is nothing to do but relax (that is until the “honey dos” arrive)…..

Some sad news to report…..George HW Bush has died at 94…….

Former President George HW Bush has died at the age of 94, the AP reports. Family spokesman Jim McGrath says Bush died shortly after 10pm Friday, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush. The nation’s 41st president served from 1989 to 1993, and eight years later watched his son George W. became the 43rd president. The elder Bush saw his popularity swell with the United States’ success in the Gulf War in 1991, only to watch it evaporate in a brief but deep recession. The Republican was defeated in his bid for a second term by Democrat Bill Clinton. Bush had also been a World War II hero, Texas congressman, CIA director, and Ronald Reagan’s vice president. Only one other US president, John Adams, had a son who also became president

I was not a supporter back in the day…..but if it were today then I would be in his corner….may he Rest in Peace!

I always enjoy hearing how the consumer is duped because they do nothing to protect themselves that just dive head long into a thing and it bites them in the ass……

Read about one such “con”…..ever heard of Payless Shoes?

Shoe retailer Payless recently had a bit of fun at the expense of some fashion influencers in Santa Monica, Calif.

The retailer recently took over a former Armani store, stocked it with Payless merchandise, and then invited fashion influencers to attend a party celebrating the store’s opening. But there was a twist: they thought they were attending the store opening for a new high-end designer, Palessi, not looking at shoes from Payless.

Influencers who attended the party paid between $200 and $600 for Payless shoes that are traditionally priced between $20-40, and many of the guests commented on how their purchases were “sophisticated” or “made with high-quality materials.”


When I use to do the Flea Market scene I found the best way to sell something is to put a sign on it…NFS (Not For Sale) and people go batcrap crazy and feel they have to possess it because I did not want to sell it….it is almost a sickness….you would be surprised what people would pay for cheap crap.

“There is a sucker born every minute”……..

Time for me to go and enjoy…you do the same…..chuq