Today In History…….1773

As always I try to give my readers more insight into the America that we all know and love but some of the information has been clouded with bullsh*t.

Take the Boston Tea Party which was carried out on this day in 1773…..there are a butch of myths that surround that fateful day….so let’s dis-spell a couple……

Myth #1

The Tea Act imposed a tax on American colonists (which is why tax protestors often revere the Boston Tea Party).


The Tea Act did no such thing; instead the actual law gave the East India Company a tax break on tea shipped to the American colonies, along with special new privileges for shipping tea directly to consignees in America, both of which would have reduced the price of tea for Americans.  On the other hand, Americans were already paying a tax of three pennies per pound on legally imported tea under the Revenue Act of 1767, which (unlike the other “Townshend duties”) was still on the books after 1770.  This combination of an existing tax on Americans and a new tax break for the East India Company concerned the Sons of Liberty, who worried that cheaper tea would seduce Americans into paying a tax passed by Parliament, where Americans weren’t represented.[i]

More on the events that began with Tea Party……

At the time, the event that took place in Boston on the night of December 16, 1773 was not called the “Tea Party.” For more than 50 years, if it was mentioned at all in print, it was usually as “the destruction of the tea.” Bostonians never celebrated it as they did their triumphs over other British measures. Patriot leaders cited the Indian disguises worn by some in the boarding parties in order to deny responsibility for the affair and claim it was the work of outsiders.

The weekend is a good time to expand your knowledge.

Learn Stuff!

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6 thoughts on “Today In History…….1773

  1. Nothing like a bit of ‘manipulation’ of history to supply suitable propaganda. 🙂
    I am looking forward to this new BBC series, coming soon. Lucy Worsley is a great historian, and an accomplished programme presenter.

    American History’s Biggest Fibs
    After the huge success of her documentary series British History’s Biggest Fibs, which revealed the secrets of our past we’d rather keep hidden, Lucy Worsley now takes off on an American road trip in the forthcoming follow up series American History’s Biggest Fibs.

    This time Lucy will uncover the myths and legends that underpin the national story of the United States of America. Throughout her journey she will unpick the carefully crafted mythologies around three founding national moments: the American Revolution, the American Civil War and in the third film, Supremacy, the nation’s rise to superpower status in the 1950s.

    The series will follow Lucy as she travels from New York to Atlanta and from Boston to the Arizona desert, taking in famous landmarks, historians, experts and eccentrics to reveal how each narrative has been woven from a mixture of facts, fantasy and downright lies to create one of the most powerful national identities in the world.
    (From the BBC website)

    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I tend to learn more about what Americans fantasize about more than about what they actually know and love because I don’t think the average
    “Americaidiot” has the slightest idea of what they have learned by going all the way through school and never learned very much of even the basics and I really doubt that most Americans know anything at all about love– unless we are speaking about self-love — and if we are speaking of self-love then I have to agree that most Americans are experts.

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