Kosovo–Balkans Back In The News

The small Balkan nation of Kosovo is been making big news lately…..they want an standing army in case of emergency…..but what of Kosovo?

More information……

NATO is not so keen on an army for Kosovo…..but the US breaks with NATO on this issue…..

Just days after NATO issued a statement expressing opposition to Kosovo’s plan to create a national army, warning of the threat that could pose to regional stability, the United States has issued its own statement endorsing the idea.

US officials say they view the creation of a Kosovar military as a “positive step,” and proof of Kosovo’s status as an independent country. They also emphasized how much aid the US has invested in Kosovo.

Kosovo is not universally recognized as independent, however, and for decades NATO has provided for its security as a de facto state. Serbia has warned they may intervene if a Kosovo Army is created, as they would view it as a challenge to their own claims to the region.

NATO’s concerns center on regional stability, and they also warn that if such an army was created, they may no longer elect to keep NATO troops in Kosovo to provide direct security. US officials are downplaying the matter, saying it would take “many years” to create an army at any rate.


But keeping with the greed of the M-IC the US has issued a statement and Kosovo has decided it will create a grand army of the republic (is that a Star Wars reference?)…….

…the Kosovar parliament voted in favor of the creation of a 5,000-man standing army. The plan has been deeply criticized by NATO, which has warned it will force them to reexamine their own military presence.

The plan has been discussed for a few weeks, with NATO opposing the idea. The US endorsed the plan, saying it was an “historic” move for Kosovo. Serbia, which still views Kosovo as part of its territory, has warned they may have to react militarily to the new army.

The issue, from the Serbian perspective, is that the Western-backed Kosovo government is Albanian-dominated, and prone to violent crackdowns on the region’s ethnic Serbian minority. The concern is that the military will just be used to escalate this, and to try to expel what’s left of the Serbs from northern Kosovo.

NATO forcibly separated Kosovo from Serbia, and has continued to back their independence. The split left a number of Serbs who opposed separation on the Kosovo side of the NATO-imposed border, and Kosovo has been trying to prevent them trading and traveling across the border.


If I had to guess I would say that the M-IC is jerking off at the prospects of massive profits coming to them with the decision of Kosovo…..

Just A Thought!


11 thoughts on “Kosovo–Balkans Back In The News

  1. Old enemies, ancient arguments, ethnic differences, religious intolerance, foreign intervention.
    That small country sums up all the problems of Europe, since a man learned to ride on a horse.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I have been following this…nothing like stirring up the people for a bit of profit & so easy to do.After all the people are so easily manipulated. Triggers points galore. 😦

      1. You too, my friend. I have as usual been working hard. Got banned on twatter for a week….they do not appear to like my black humour. 😦 I have one more chance, then BOOF I will disappear! hahaha Being the golden girl now, some say. If I don’t get back soon have a good dinner at Xmas, the rest can go to the wind. 😉 xxx

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