The Lager The Better

Sunday……Christmas comes…..

Tis the season to be jolly…….and to get that jocularity a couple of beers would help…..

Lager…..Cooper Lager……Boston Lager…….

The problem is….these days every idiot with a few extra bucks wants to start up a “Micro-brewery”…..there is a flavor for everyone.

I admit  it I truly enjoy a good beer……there are many types of beer…..Pilsners, Ales, Stouts….but of them all Lager is my favorite…..but for those not sure….what the Hell is a Lager?

Lager originates from the German word lagern which means ‘to store’ – it refers to the method of storing it for several months in near-freezing temperatures. Crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish from longer aging, lagers are the world’s most popular beer (this includes pilseners).

A lager, which can range from sweet to bitter and pale to black, is usually used to describe bottom-fermented brews of Dutch, German, and Czech styles. Most, however, are a pale to medium color, have high carbonation, and a medium to high hop flavor.

Don’t worry as a Christmas gift to my weekend readers I will give you a short history lesson (you knew I would have something to offer, right?)

Most of the popular brands here in the US Lagers are the most numerous….how did this come about?

America is a nation of beer drinkers, and that beer is lager. The fact that we call this “domestic” beer, even though it’s traditionally German and brewed worldwide, reinforces the idea that there is a typical American beer, and that beer is something that ends with the word “lite.” You can say that you’re not a fan of it but if you’ve ever worn a uniform, you’re part of the problem. Through beer rationing and buying power, the U.S. military had a major influence in making light lager America’s default beer.

This story starts with a failed revolution halfway around the world, but we’ll get to that in a minute. America was a country of immigrants who brought their beer traditions with them. In colonial America, those immigrants were mostly English, and they brewed ale. Today, ale is trendy, but for a colonist it was terrible beer. It’s thick and heavy, with high alcohol content. On the upside, it brewed in a couple of days, but it goes bad just as quickly. The warmer climate in much of America is poorly suited to ale, which explains the old saying: If you turn your back on ale, it will go bad. Anyone who could afford to buy imported ales and stouts from England did so, making it a luxury product. No wonder most Americans preferred ciders and whiskeys.

My grandfather had the perfect description of Lite Beer… is like making love in a canoe (f*cking near water)……give beer with a body or keep it to yourself.

There you go!  My last Sunday post and I wish all a good day and shall we move onto the rest of the holiday season?

Shall we play?

Be well, Be safe…….

The Devil Made Them Do It!

Sunday before the day every child looks forward to….Christmas….and I do not post much on religion or religious stuff but from time to time I read something that makes me want to post something and this Sunday is NO different…..

A little news……my granddaughter made me proud…..she became 2nd chair flute in the concert band…..sadly she is so busy these days that our gaming has suffered…..but that aside I am truly proud of her accomplishment.

Then there is MoMo…..she was up most of the nite arguing with a opossum….

She has this thing about this snake… just pisses her off…..

Enough of the “homey” stuff…..let’s get to the post shall we?

It seems that rural Alabama is having an increase in crime and a usual “suspect” has been identified……

Taking a page (or several) from the Old Testament, a police department in rural Alabama is blaming an increase in local discord—namely five homicides this year—on the community’s rejection of God, the Hill reports. In a Tuesday Facebook post (since deleted), the Opp Police Department wrote in all-caps, per the AP: “THESE MURDERS HAVE BEEN DONE BY OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE WE HAVE TURNED AWAY FROM GOD AND EMBRACED SATAN. WE MAY HAVE NOT MEANT TO DO SO BUT, WE HAVE. IT IS TIME TO ASK FOR GOD’S HELP TO STOP THIS.” The post, which you can see here, goes on to chastise parents and imply that the community does not support police, ending with: “BOTTOM LINE, THERE ARE SHEEP; THERE ARE WOLVES AND THERE ARE SHEEP DOGS. WHICH GROUP DO YOU BELONG TO?”

Some people on social media are having some fun with the whole thing. A Thursday post by the department warning of wet roads garnered comments like, “Satan’s fault.” On an earlier post about an approaching storm, a person commented, “Cloudy, with a higher than average chance of brimstone.” But the group Freedom From Religion says that the police department’s post isn’t funny at all. “The department has very directly endorsed one religious ideology to the exclusion of minority religions and atheism, and decried Satanism. Neither message is permissible,” Sam Grover, a lawyer for the group, says in a statement. (Satan made an appearance at the Illinois statehouse.)

Sounds like a cop out by the authorities… is an easy answer to a situation…..

These crimes are created by “Man” (generic not gender)……Period.

But I am sure that some will disagree with me…..and that is why I live in America.

Have a good day and if you are off to the relatives for Christmas have safe journey and enjoy yourselves…..chuq