The Saudis Hired Killers

With the accusation of an assassination the Saudis have been in the headlines for about a month…..their story is winding down because more important news has been made….the attack on Jews and the multi bomb threat here in the US….

There are so many question that need to be asked about the Saudi involvement in world conflicts… the question is just what is the Saudis getting from the Trump administration?

It’s time to ask an uncomfortable question: What exactly is the U.S. getting out of its partnership with Saudi Arabia? The answer is: nothing but headaches, human rights abuses and national embarrassment. In the cynical past, the U.S. could at least argue that it needed Saudi oil, but that’s no longer the case, due to the shale-oil boom (though that fact is not necessarily good for an ever-warming planet).

Recently, the crimes of the Saudi government managed to pierce the Trump-all-the-time-Kanye-West-sometimes media-entertainment complex due to Riyadh’s likely murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That the U.S.-Saudi relationship is, however briefly, coming under the proverbial microscope is a good thing. Still, it is astonishing that this incident—rather than dozens of other crimes—finally garnered attention. Even so, President Trump appears reluctant to cancel his negotiated $110 billion record arms deal with the kingdom

Washington is in bed with the Saudis and the Saudis are the ones with the smiles on their face….so who is doing who in this relationship?

Speaking of assassination…..I agree with the idea that the US basically was a co-conspirator in Khashoggi’s murder…..

And since the US consistently undertakes to endow its own savage behaviour with a veneer of democracy-freedom-and-human-rights talk, it’s only natural that egregious euphemisms be deployed on behalf of its pals as well. Which is how we end up with the state of Israel – executioner and dismemberer extraordinaire of Palestinians – whitewashed into the position of angel-hero, while Saudi Arabia and other notorious regional human rights abusers are catapulted into the role of “modernising reformers”.

2 thoughts on “The Saudis Hired Killers

  1. There is definitely some ‘dark secret’ associated with the US/UK obsession with the Saudis. We can speculate on what that might be, but we are unlikely to ever learn the whole truth. My best guess is the co-conspiracy of 9/11. The US government using the Saudis to orchestrate the disaster that allowed America to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, and to justify the restrictive laws that followed.
    If that was ever made public, the whole fabric of US politics, and possibly society, would crumble.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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