“Make America Great Again”–Part One

My regular visitors know that I am a history nut….I enjoy all aspects of history and subject that some in our society turn their back on….I have found that many of my regulars also like history especially when I post something that they may not be aware of……

I have found a good historian…….. a man that was a professor at West Point, Major Danny Sjursen…..he has written a series foe Truthdig.org….I will be posting each article…I would post all at once but I know bloggers and he would be ignored after about 2 or 3 parts….Maj. Sjursen takes a look at our history and the roots of “Make America Great Again” (which is not unique to the Trump era)…….

Part One in our American History series……..

American Slavery, American Freedom (Colonial Virginia 1607-1676)

Origins matter. Every nation-state has an origin myth, a comforting tale of trials, tribulations and triumphs that form the foundation of “imagined communities.” The United States of America—a self-proclaimed “indispensable nation”—is as prone to exaggerated origin myths as any society in human history. Most of us are familiar with the popular American origin story: Our forefathers, a collection of hardy, pious pioneers, escaped religious persecution in England and founded a “new world”—a shining beacon in a virgin land. Of course, that story, however flawed, refers to the Pilgrims, and Massachusetts, circa 1620. But that’s not the true starting point for English-speaking society in North America.

The first permanent colony was in Virginia, at Jamestown, beginning in 1607. Why, then, do our young students dress in black buckle-top hats and re-create Thanksgiving each year? Where is the commemoration of Jamestown and our earliest American forebears? The omission itself tells a story, that of a chosen, comforting narrative (the legend of the Pilgrims), and the whitewashing of a murkier past along the James River.


I hope my readers enjoy this series….I found it interesting and informative….I hope you do so as well.


27 thoughts on ““Make America Great Again”–Part One

      1. Again if we think like that then nothing will change….and that is what they want from us….a shrug and to let them f*ck us the way they have been doing for decades….chuq

      2. and what they want from us is exactly what they will get. They have always gotten it and until Americans become something besides inattentive disconnected “Toads,” that is what they will always get.

      3. I have spent a lot of time in ERs with the amputation and such and have not seen one couple speaking Spanish…..or on the local grocery not seen any one using EBT cards….maybe I was there on a bad day chuq

      4. And maybe you are tripping. They are strong down here with all the construction and casinos and such…..you spend a a lot of time in an ER? Maybe your red state is just more liberal thasn mine. chuq

      5. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe — shoulda, woulda, coulda! I am neither enabler nor apologist. I see it the way it is.

  1. The founding if each colony was a different story. And the founding of Louisiana, Texas and the far west were also different

    We fon’t have one founding study we have many that eventually merged into one country. Or we have been attempting to merge with limited success over the last two hundred year or so.

    I go get tired of people from New England claiming we all came from the founding by the pilgrims.

      1. Not necessarily……could mean a wealth of things like early hour and lack of coffee…..and a rise in BP worrying about what someone else is doing….I prefer to overlook minor bullshit….chuq

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