Who The Hell Is This John Andre?

I apologize for this post should have been posted yesterday and I had a brain fart and I missed the day.

But I bet that you have heard of Benedict Arnold, right?

Andre was the British officer that was handling Arnold for the betrayal.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the execution of Andre in 1780……..

On this date in 1780, the honorable British Major John Andre got what Benedict Arnold had coming to him.

Piqued that his (quite considerable) brilliance in the field did not earn honors he thought his due, General Benedict Arnold contrived to betray West Point to the British during the American Revolution — the plot that made his name a synonym for treachery.

As the scheme ripened, the turncoat asked Sir Henry Clinton for “a personal interview with an officer that you can confide in.”

Enter Clinton’s adjutant John Andre, head of British Special Intelligence.

The dashing officer, well-liked in society on either side of the permeable divide between Tories and Patriots on the continent, slipped into Haverstraw, N.Y. to make the arrangements. On his way back — when he already thought himself safely clear of American-held territory — he was nabbed with the incriminating documents.


There you have some more American history…..I enjoy give it and I hope you enjoy learn it.

Class Dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Who The Hell Is This John Andre?

  1. I only recently learned of John Andre from watching the TV series, “TURN: Washington’s Spies”. A bit of an obvious fictionalized dialog of real character renderings of the day and I looked them all up. I also read up on him further… interesting personage. It was a short run series but well worth binging on if you get the chance. They actually tried to be a little accurate.

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