Closing Thought–02Oct18

Where have all the terrorist attacks gone….we hear about some sort of attack in the major combat areas like Afghanistan and Syria and Iraq….but what about the worldwide terrorists networks and its attacks on the Western countries?

Does the lack of news about these attacks mean that we are winning this so-called war?

First, no were are not winning a war on a tactic….the terrorists are still waiting for that perfect time for the next attack… maybe in the Nederlands?

Dutch police on Thursday foiled what it described as an attempt to commit a major terrorist attack with AK 47 machine guns, grenades and a car bomb.

Officers arrested seven suspects, aged between 21 and 34, who planned to attack an event with guns and grenades, and detonate the car bomb in a different location.

Dutch prosecutors were tipped off by intelligence services who said the ringleader wanted to hit “a large event in the Netherlands where there would be a lot of victims”.

Counter-terror authorities said: “In the Netherlands, jihadist networks operate with the intention of planning attacks in Europe. These arrests must be seen in that light.”

Remember a couple of years ago when the media and just about every blog was taunting this tale of that about the coming apocalypse thanx to terrorists and their attacks…..and now these same blogs are wall to wall judge stories and posts… illustrates just how small the minds have become.

Just because the media chooses not to report on these things does not mean that this war (on Terror) is in the waning days…….and because it happened in Europe does not make it any less important…..regardless what some would like to believe.

4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Oct18

  1. The authorities here are definitely getting more proactive when it comes to breaking up terrorist groups or cells. The main problem comes from the random ‘lone attacker’, inspired by the idea, but not organised or controlled by others. I still think we can expect to see attacks from both types, perhaps on much ‘softer’ targets.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. What the heck has the Dutch done to upset them? Or is that the reason they were being targeted – not an area they would be expected to attack?

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