Afghanistan–October 2018

Another WAR that the media is trying to ignore as best it can……the MSM will spend hour upon hour on blind speculation but an actual blood war there is little…..and that is where I come in.

As a student of war and its consequences I will always post on the developments of this conflict….not a popular topic and warrants few “visits”…..but it is important that I keep my reade5s informed.

Awhile back Trump and the Neocons were considering using “security contractors” to fight the US role in Afghanistan (these are mercenaries plain and simple….call them anything you like but they are blood thirsty tools)….it was a serious consideration…..but now Afghanistan has put the brakes on this idea…..

In reaction to the possibility of privatizing the Afghan war, President Ashraf Ghani said he will not allow “foreign mercenaries” to operate in Afghanistan.

Addressing the 3rd Mayors National Conference, the president said the Afghan government forces have enough potential and have managed to save the country from “collapse”.

“You should know that the work which is done by Afghans cannot be done by any foreign mercenary and foreign mercenaries will never be allowed in this soil,” Ghani said.

Hopefully the idea of privatizing the Afghan War has been put to bed….forever!

The US has been fighting in Afghanistan for 17 years and the question oftwn arises….is there a path for peace in Afghanistan?

At a time when the Taliban are gaining ground in Afghanistan, Afghan government losses are mounting, and regional partners’ views on the conflict are shifting, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has not given in to pessimism. On a September 7 visit to Kabul, Mattis expressed optimism about the existence of “a framework” and “open lines of communications” between U.S. diplomats and Qatar-based Taliban representatives that he believes might lead to an intra-Afghan reconciliation process that would end nearly two decades of war. He also reassured Kabul’s leadership that the United States will stand by the Afghans until there is lasting peace and stability.

Believe it or not….in a country that has none nothing but war since the 1980’s it is a good thing when I read there is a beginnings of a peace movement in the country…..

In May 2018, a group of seven Afghans in the mostly Taliban controlled province of Helmand set off on a more than 370-mile peace journey to the capital city, Kabul, sparking a nationwide movement.

Residents of Helmand have been paying a high price ever since the province turned into a battleground between Afghan forces and the Taliban. The catalyst for the peace march was a car bomb attack during a wrestling match in March that killed 14 people.

The protesters began with a hunger strike and a sit-in protest in the province’s capital, Lashkar Gah, within 24 hours of the suicide attack to demand an end to the violence. The activists held meetings with both the government and the Taliban, but when no results were produced they decided to walk to Kabul to further advocate for their peace message.

None of these stories will make the news for they do not lend well for speculation and besides the MSM has its hands full trying to control the SCOTUS story.

My readers can be sure that I will always report on war in  all its shapes for war is not a necessity that the US needs to embrace.  There is a world of peace but not according to the ideals of the Neocons.

5 thoughts on “Afghanistan–October 2018

  1. I can’t imagine how the Afghans will keep western mercenaries out of the conflict. They will just be called ‘security guards’, or dressed up in service uniforms. I can see a future where all the armed forces are ‘contracted out’. Not just in America, but in the UK and other countries too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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