The Court’s First Day–2018

I would like to post on SCOTUS and NO I will not go into the Brett baby and his proclivities for beer……this will be the actual docket for the court for year 2018.

All the attention that SCOTUS has gotten for the last couple of weeks is nothing to do with what the court has to rule on… is the first day of the 2018 session and the judges will consider a few interesting filings.

It’s the first Monday in October, which means the Supreme Court will be gaveled into session for its new term—even if the fate of the ninth potential justice remains in limbo. The general consensus in coverage is that the upcoming docket is relatively tame in terms of hot-button issues, though that could change as the term proceeds. In fact, the strategy might be intentional. “This makes me think that the justices were aware of [Anthony] Kennedy’s likely departure when they starting granting cases for this term,” court observer Adam Feldman tells Fox News. And the justices likely anticipated a vacant seat, at least in the early days of the term. Here are some of the bigger cases on tap for now:

  • Frogs: The timber company Weyerhauser objects to land in Louisiana being declared off limits for the protection of the dusky gopher frog, reports NPR. Only 75 of the frogs remain in existence, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to relocate some to a forest owned by Weyerhauser.
  • Death row: The justices will hear a case out of Alabama in which a murderer with dementia is scheduled to be executed. Vernon Madison’s defenders say he can’t remember killing a police officer, and the execution would thus be cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Double jeopardy: In Gamble v. United States, the court will look at double jeopardy, and whether states can prosecute a person for a crime independent of the federal government. The reason it matters? If President Trump pardons someone at the federal level, the person could still face state charges over the same offense, explains the New York Times.
  • The list: For a thorough list of upcoming cases, see

The GOP and Trump is in a hurry to confirm Brett Baby because of the Double Jeopardy case that could involve the president and his minions…..

Right now there is a 4-4 tie with the justices in residence…..they wait for Brett Baby to get the all clear from the FBI and he will be voted in and he can celebrate with beer and a party.

It was good enough for the court 2 years ago to be down one justice but for some reason that so much now that the cowards of the GOP are in control.

2 thoughts on “The Court’s First Day–2018

  1. I’m sure they will try to hurry up his appointment, so he can be used to nix any chance of problems for those who want him to have the job.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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