The Road Is Paved With Broken Promises

One of the biggest bitches of some people is that Our Dear Leader, Trump, has broken many of his campaign promises……to me that is nothing new no matter who is elected breaks the promises made….

Not taken me at my word how many candidates have broken their campaign promises?

While presidents kept some of the most famous campaign promises, they also broke quite a few. Donald Trump seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping his. But how do former presidents — including Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama — compare?

According to USA Today, political scientists say that candidates usually at least try to keep their campaign promises.  Five Thirty Eight concurs, noting that when presidents abandon specific campaign promises, they usually do so for reasons that “have more to do with changing circumstances than a lack of principles.”

I say again… me all presidents since I have been voting have broken promises that they made to the people while on the campaign trail begging for our vote.

6 thoughts on “The Road Is Paved With Broken Promises

  1. Our presidential candidates make promises to do things that can only be accounted by congress. That has irritated me for years. They can’t make congress pass laws yet every four years all the candidates talk about the changes they will make knowing full well only congress can make those changes.

  2. One upon a time, my grandmother was on a commercial plane and sat across the aisle from a politico and some staffers during an election campaign. They were going over promises in his speech and doing a….”Top priority.”…”Mean it.”…”Maybe we’ll get around to it.”…”Don’t mean it at all.”…checklist. They accidentally left it behind, but before she could collect it, a staffer hopped back on the plane and grabbed it. I wish she had a better memory, so I could identify the politico.

    But for me, the rule of thumb is this:
    If sounds good, they don’t mean it. If it sounds bad, that’s what you’re getting.

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