Sympathy For The Devil

I could post a link to the Rolling Stones but why bother….I am sure that 80 year rockers will try one more concert tour…..this post is about a movie that is being released as I type…..Operation Finale.

Fifteen years after the end of World War II, Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad and security agency Shin Bet – led by the tireless and heroic agent Peter Malkin (Isaac) – launched a daring top-secret raid to capture the notorious Eichmann (Kingsley), who had been reported dead in the chaos following Nazi Germany’s collapse but was, in fact, living and working in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina under an assumed identity along with his wife and two sons. Monitoring his daily routine, Malkin and his operatives plot and execute the abduction under the cover of darkness just a few feet from Eichmann’s home. Determined to sneak him out of Argentina to stand trial in Israel, Malkin and Eichmann engage in an intense and gripping game of cat-and-mouse.

Perfect timing for a movie to gain sympathy for Israel…..the news has been biting Israel in the ass for a month or so….with the protests in Gaza and all the deaths of civilians by Israeli troops and then the Zionist pricks passed a  Jewish state law….making anyone no Jewish as not a citizen…that includes Christians as well as Muslims…..

As usual Hollywood is helping Israel play the victim card in response to their aggression against civilians……and trying to help spread the lie that Israel is a democracy and a victim….maybe in theory but in action they are NO better than the Nazis they hunted…..

Please do not get me wrong….yes the Jews were treated horribly and deserve all sympathy for those days……I question the timing of this release… with all releases based on this point in history.

Israel needs all the help Hollywood can muster for their atrocities of killing civilians and stealing land, destroying crops and just acting like the thugs they are…..

I have questioned Israel actions in the last 40 years and just now the world is seeing what I saw in the 70’s and we can thank social media for most of the information.

They will get NO sympathy from me.  Period!


8 thoughts on “Sympathy For The Devil

  1. To be fair…the story is a natural Hollywood movie script. Even an imbecile could make it work as a movie. Good vs evil, a spy thriller with a morally righteous, rag-tag, rookie, crew working in hostile territory and their eventual daring escape…and even the option to finish it off with a courtroom drama. Other than the fact it involves “boring, icky, history”…It’s really can’t-miss Hollywood material.

    What I find most interesting about the story is that Eichmann (and thousands of other Nazis..probably even the little Austrian fellah with the odd moustache) wound up safe & sound in South America. Various agencies of Allied governments knew where they were and did nothing. They were more interested in hiding the fact they were collaborating with former Nazis to persecute their own Lefties, or build rockets for weapons & space travel, etc.

    But the Eichmann they grabbed was just a pathetic, little, man living in a hovel on the edge of town who had to take the bus to work. (Even worse, it was probably never on time.) Eichmann would have been FAR better off offering his skill-set to the CIA and their South American friends. While the Eichmann grab makes a great Hollywood movie…the below would make much more interesting films to me.

      1. I’m sure this is “taboo” shit that will get me on Watch Lists, or higher up on Watch Lists…But now that I think of it…(in my just-woke-up morning haze)….

        Maybe the big difference between Eichmann -who got grabbed- and other despicable Nazis living in South America (like Walter Rauff, Klaus “Flouride” Barbie, Joseph Mengele and David Letterman’s bandleader, Paul Schäfer ) is that Eichmann isn’t known to have played ball with American backed fascist governments and Western espionage agencies. He just wanted to be an ordinary schmuck working at Mercedes South America.

        From what we know (that we weren’t ever supposed to know) has made it reasonably clear most/all those other Nazis had a free pass…at least for a few decades…because they were willing to spy & torture Lefties for American backed governments. (Shit, Rauff was even rumoured to have worked FOR the Mossad for a while, infiltrating Arab nations.) Schäfer did WAAAY worse shit for Pinochet than he ever did as a Nazi and practically everybody knew and did nothing.

        Of course, the real truth will be kept away from us for another hundred years or more. So there is some speculation to be had. The one things that’s clear is that ANYTHING was excusable, if you were doing America’s bidding in the fight against Lefties. (Hell, they even funded Pol Pot.)

      2. Eichmann was taken to Israel for a “fair” trial….Hollywood takes to much action on Israel’s behalf…..they act as an agent for foreign power and should be labelled as such….chuq

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