Is Neoliberalism Dead?

We live in the time of the neoliberal….not to be confused with a “liberal” not the same thing in today’s terms….how can we best describe neoliberalism?

A short video will help…..can you spare the 3 minutes?

I have let my

I have let my feelings about neoliberalism be known on several occasions…..

In recent days and years this country has been governed under the tenets of neoliberalism……and then we elected Our Dear Leader and he has set about destroying the system under which this country has embraced for decades, at least embraced by the politicians and their owners…..

Imagine if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, no name. Mention it in conversation and you’ll be rewarded with a shrug. Even if your listeners have heard the term before, they will struggle to define it. Neoliberalism: do you know what it is?

The concept that rules the world……

….researchers at the International Monetary Fund settled a long and bitter debate over “neoliberalism”: they admitted it exists. Three senior economists at the IMF, an organisation not known for its incaution, published a paper questioning the benefits of neoliberalism. In so doing, they helped put to rest the idea that the word is nothing more than a political slur, or a term without any analytic power. The paper gently called out a “neoliberal agenda” for pushing deregulation on economies around the world, for forcing open national markets to trade and capital, and for demanding that governments shrink themselves via austerity or privatisation. The authors cited statistical evidence for the spread of neoliberal policies since 1980, and their correlation with anaemic growth, boom-and-bust cycles and inequality.

Can Our Dear Leader,Trump, be successful in the destruction?  After all his supporters believe he is a genius…..

With the outrageous decision by the Trump White House to bar a CNN propagandist posing as a reporter, more people are now starting to make the connection between press freedom and the issue of the “right to know” and of unimpeded information. But we have to ask once again, where was this concern when democrats under Obama were using the espionage act to jail whistleblowers and prosecuting journalists? Why no outrage on the eve of the Ecuadorian government turning over Julian Assange to be prosecuted by Western intelligence for the crime of publishing accounts of their nefarious actions? Where were these objective defenders of the right to information when the state was collaborating with private corporations like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to alter and limit political speech and information?

Is it possible that this person could actually destroy neoliberal hold on our government?

I have my doubts…..he , the president, may be the most powerful man in the world he has little hope of a defeat of the power brokers that rule the capital….

13 thoughts on “Is Neoliberalism Dead?

  1. Sorry, chuq.. either it’s too late at night or I am just getting old.. but this post made me totally lost. I’ve heard the term neoliberalism before.. but never gave it much mind as I generally don’t subscribe to the peripheral “isms” as I leave that to political theorists. The video just seemed to be a biased “nothing” to me.

      1. I fully agree, Chuq! But now, here in Europe you can see in some member states like Germany, we are in the middle of the conversion from neoliberalism to neofeudalism. Another new created term, but it shows the problems. Some try to go back to the medivian age. Not as far as possible, but in small steps. Michael

        Great posting, Chuq! Thank you!

      2. Thanx my friend for the kind words…..I try to keep up with my friends in Europe but it get hard at times…too many directions to keep abreast…..LOL chuq

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