That Perjury Trap

Closing Thought–22Aug18

Trump’s silly lawyer Rudy keeps seeing an interview agreed upon as some sort of “perjury trap”…..

President Trump still hasn’t confirmed whether he plans to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller—but he did speak to Reuters to outline his concerns about a potential interview, describing it as a possible “perjury trap.” Trump said he worries that it could work against him if his statements to Mueller conflict with statements made by others—like James Comey. If the former FBI chief “says something, and it’s my word against his, and he’s best friends with Mueller, so Mueller might say: ‘Well, I believe Comey,’ and even if I’m telling the truth, that makes me a liar. That’s no good,” he said.

Trump criticized Mueller’s investigation of potential Russian election interference as biased, but declined to say whether he would strip the special counsel of his security clearance. He described the investigation as the one flaw in an administration that is otherwise like a “smooth-running” machine, and said he could take charge of the probe if he wanted to. “I can go in, and I could do whatever—I could run it if I want. But I decided to stay out,” he said. “I’m totally allowed to be involved if I wanted to be. So far, I haven’t chosen to be involved. I’ll stay out.” He added that the probe played right into the hands of the Russians—”if it was Russia.”

I am sorry but avoiding this “perjury trap” is really simple….if you are under oath then tell the truth….perjury will be avoided……when asked questions sit there and tell the truth… is that goddamn simple.


9 thoughts on “That Perjury Trap

  1. But… but. the deep state conspiracy liberal socialists have ten lying liberal fakes lined to testify that what I said was not true. But, but fake news, it’s rigged, it’s all rigged.

  2. Yeah because the FBI decides their charges and lawyers decide their cases based on personal opinions instead of evidence-based facts. “Perjury trap”; talk about a Freudian slip…Freud would have had a field day studying Trump.

  3. This is true 🙂 “cocaine is great!” to “cocaine is not so great” to “fuck it, do the cocaine, embrace the thanatos drive!”

    And sure it is if he lied under any oathes to start with.

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