David McReynolds–R.I.P.

The passing of a great American that most have never heard of…but if you participated in the antiwar movement like I did then his name is synonymous with protests……

In my years as an antiwar activist I made many friends and acquaintances……people like Angela Davis, but my most memorable meeting was that of a fellow antiwar protester, David McReynolds.  A person that I liked and even worked for his presidential bid in 1980…..I was not able to work on his 2000 presidential bid.

The sad news has finally made it to me……

Longtime pacifist and socialist David McReynolds died Friday at the age of 88. Known to historian Howard Zinn and many others as a “hero of the antiwar movement,” McReynolds was a staff member with the War Resisters League from 1960 to 1999. There, he focused on counter-recruitment and helped organize one of the first draft card burnings. He went on to play a key role in some of major demonstrations against the Vietnam War and campaign for nuclear disarmament. McReynolds ran for president in 1980 and 2000 as an openly gay man. For more, we speak with two of his close friends. Ed Hedemann worked with McReynolds for decades at the War Resisters League. Jeremy Scahill is an investigative journalist and co-founder of The Intercept.

His work with the War Resisters League was a true American story…..and below is a show from Democracy Now featuring McReynolds……


He was a fine individual that dedicated his life to the attempt to end all wars….unfortunately he was not successful….but the movement is better from his involvement……

My proudest moment was when he gave me my official certificate that named me an “Agitator”….it is framed in my office displayed next to my diplomas……

I wish to extend my sympathies to his friends and family…..his voice will be sorely missed.

David McReynolds–R.I.P.

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