To Protect The President

I have watched the GOP slowly but slowly become the party of Trump…..and these slugs will do whatever they must to protect the president…

Sorry but their oath of office is to the country, the Constitution, and the rule of law…..NOWHERE in the oath does it say that the president must be protected at any cost…..

That gutless wonder in the House of Representatives, Devon Nunes, has proved my accusation……

“If Sessions won’t unrecuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones. Which is really the danger.” That was just some of what House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said in audio recorded at a private July 30 fundraiser in Spokane, Wash., and aired in part on the Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday night (listen to clips here). The Washington Post interprets the comments as an apparent shift “from criticizing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to strategizing about how to blunt its impact should it imperil President Trump.” And in that effort, retaining control of Congress is key: “If we do not keep the majority, all of this goes away,” he’s heard saying on the tape, which was secretly recorded by a member of the progressive group Fuse Washington who’d paid $250 to attend the event. More:

  • The other comments getting pickup center around Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein and the desire of hard-line House Republicans to see him impeached, something the Los Angeles Times reports some members suggest they’ll rally for again next month. Nunes indicated that might not be the case. While NBC News reports Paul Ryan has been a roadblock in the impeachment effort, Nunes described two others: the midterms and the Supreme Court. “You have to decide what you want right now because the Senate only has so much time. Do you want them to drop everything and not confirm the Supreme Court justice [Brett Kavanaugh], the new Supreme Court justice? … The question is the timing of it right before the election.”
  • The Post notes that even had Nunes been speaking publicly, he might have said much the same: “This, after all, is the adamantly pro-Trump lawmaker who in February released a memorandum accusing the intelligence community of conspiring against the president.”
  • Indeed, the Hill has this comment from Nunes’ rep: “These are sensible ideas, I’m glad Chairman Nunes talked about them.”

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu didn’t share that sentiment, tweeting, “Under our Constitution, the duty of Congress is not to clear the President. The duty of Congress is to be a check and balance on the Executive Branch, and to pursue the facts wherever they may lead. Devin Nunes should resign for perverting the oath he took.”

This should piss off every American voter…..but it illustrates how our beloved country is changing and taking the government with it.  This is what I always going on about…I bet this tool has a copy of the Constitution in his pocket as a prop but has NO idea what it really means.

You know I remember when the House of Representatives had no tolerance for ethics scandals…….yeah me too….but that was when we had statesmen in Congress today we have a bunch of spineless and worthless people that owe their existence to corporations and wealthy slugs.

Back in 2006, a series of financial, ethical, sexual scandals involving MZM, Jack Abramoff, and improper relationships with congressional pages was a key factor in House Republican’ losing their majority. Eager to prove they had learned their lesson, then-Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) vowed in 2010 that if the GOP won back the majority, he (as majority leader) and his conference would ensure the highest possible ethical standards.

“I think as the Republicans emerge as a new governing majority, it is incumbent upon us to institute a zero-tolerance policy,” Cantor vowed at the time. “We understand there were reasons for our being fired in ’06 and ’08. Some of that had to do with ethics violations. I mean we had several members under public investigations during the time of the ’06 elections. I think we’ve learned that that’s not a good way to gain the confidence of the people and that we ought to be instituting a zero-tolerance policy here.”

As usual it is …of course we stand against ethic abuses but not when it is our people committing them …..

In 25 years when we look back at these days it will be known as the “Age of Corruption and Cruelty” (sorry do not know who coined this phrase but I think it was conservative Charlie Sykes)……

Maybe I should spend time explaining the Constitution to the d/bags that we elect……

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5 thoughts on “To Protect The President

    1. In an age where you can stalk your favourite celeb on-line, buy their products, join their “nation”, etc…this kind of mindless worship was inevitable. And even after Trump, the attitudes may have been institutionalized now…a permanent fixture.

      The headline “President Kardashian disses ‘the haters’ in front of cheering crowds” is only a matter of time.

  1. GOPs are lazy and trapped by the hardcore primary base that still love #45 because he is thumbing nose at everything they fear and don’t understand. They get pleasure at seeing things torn down and don’t have a clue if it will hurt them now or in future. Shame is that no one really talks or listens to them before they become sock puppets for dictators

    1. That is spot on….listening to and not listening at…..the GOP is ruining the party for a generation if they are not careful….I like the description…”the Age of Corruption and Cruelty”…….chuq

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