The Big Lie

That is a good one.  Just about everything coming out of a politician’s mouth is a big lie….but there are some that are bigger than others…..and one of the biggest is the support for Veterans.

Pick an election….any election and the candidate is always going on about how he supports the troops and especially those brave souls that have served with honor, our veterans.

The House of Representatives have just proved how little they care about veterans…in this case the widows of fallen service people…….

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky) discovered that today and is voicing his anger because Republicans voted against his plan to eliminate the “military widow’s tax.”

Yarmuth was one of the sponsors of a bill to fix what he calls “an egregious penalty that prevents approximately 64,000 surviving military spouses from receiving full death benefits.”

This is wonky, but here is what this was about.

Under the current law, family of fallen military members lose part or all of their Defense Department Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) when they also receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As one constituent wrote to Yarmuth, it reduces the surviving spouse’s benefits by an average of $1,250 a month or about $15,000 annually.

The Republicans may love vets but they probably didn’t like Yarmuth’s plan to “offset” the cost, which is political speak for how to pay for it.

He wanted to reduce the tax break Trump passed last December, which helps only the wealthiest Americans. Yarmuth’s plan would have taken one percent back from the corporations that benefited from the overhaul. 

Unsurprisingly, Republicans sided with corporations over veterans. “The fact that they could not bring themselves to set aside less than 1 percent of the trillions of dollars in tax cuts they just gave to millionaires and big corporations to protect survivors of military service members is a disgrace,” Yarmuth wrote on Thursday.

(Washington Press)

Why would the MSM ignore this travesty?  When will the morons learn that these toads care nothing for our veterans…..they are only useful at election time as a political prop….like the Constitution.

The veterans need to come together and give these spineless pigs in Washington something to fear….another “Bonus Army”.  (Use Google I am too weary to explain the thing)

Plus the so-called Republicans are to blame for allowing the vets to be used as a prop and for lying to them to get an endorsement and then for the abandonment….and it will only get worse (sorry I have to bring that news to my fellow veteran)

9 thoughts on “The Big Lie

      1. bbbut the gummint doesn’t control me (directly)… however, it does control other people, people with guns, people with (sigh) authority.

      1. This has been ‘bubbling under’ for a while, and may well affect many bloggers, including me. Using You Tube clips like film trailers and pop videos, or re-posting images of buildings, cities etc could well be banned under this EU law. They are citing ‘copyright issues’, which is their way of making companies like WordPress, or self-hosting individuals pay for a ‘licence’ to allow them to use a certain amount of copyrighted content.
        It breaks down a lot, when you consider that film companies want us to promote their film trailers, and music companies want us to promote their pop videos, so rarely, if ever, copyright them. Then there is the issue of having to ‘take down’ stuff previously allowed, meaning someone like me would have to remove clips from hundreds of posts, or face fines. It seems to be income generation, pure and simple, and the big questions remains as to who will be liable to pay for the use of copyrighted items, or a licence to use them.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. I have noticed that ads are starting to appear on IST and GSFP none of which are my doing….the EU model will no doubt be the example that the US will use to do something

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