Blame A Russian

The weekend begins and I step back from politics and look at society in all its blemishes…..

I spend a lot of time reading news and stuff all over the web and I even go to the Russian state site,…..I found a great satire when flipping through their stuff…..

Nowadays the news is full of accusations on Russia from tampering to poisonings and then there is the electric grid attack……but what if you had a problem and need someone to blame…..

For the right price you can your own a Russian to blame….

I do enjoy good satire and this one is perfect for the news these days….

My day is done…..TTFN…..chuq


10 thoughts on “Blame A Russian

      1. Took a few days off…had a bellyful of speculation & what they call ‘news’ & that includes porn stars!….State of affairs regarding the Dominant Tribe…..same old crap… 😉
        f.y.i. or not 😦
        Jeremy Corbyn’s Reply to the Board of Deputies of British Jews: Is This Corbyn’s Balfour Moment? via @wordpressdotcom

      2. Thanks,but It gets worse by the day…I have sent you some tweets…I am not sure why I am bothering anymore…it is a madhouse.The decline & fall of the gene pool. Don’t ya just loathe established religions/politics & ain’t changed since time immemorial… Bbrrrrr 😦

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