Corporal Punishment

A Sunday of lots of rain so the garden is out of the question without a slicker…..but what crops I have planted can use the water….

I’m gonna step back in time……

When I was in high school I was a bit of a trouble maker….I was a member of a group called the Red Tidal Discussion Group…..we protested that our history book was printed in 1942 and not updated….we lead a sit-in in protest of no black history classes and I lived in Mississippi in the 1960’s….enough about my earlier years…needless to say that punishment in those days was a good paddling…or what they call ‘corporal punishment’ these days….I visited “coach” several times for he was our disciplinarian……5 whacks per offense we had to remove our wallets and anything else we had in our pockets so the full impact could be appreciated (sarcasm)… my junior year I had lost count of the trips to “Coach”……

I bring this up because of something I read about the students that recently walked out of class to protest the deaths of 17 students in the most recent school shooting…..

I seems that some things die hard in the South….Arkansas will deal out corporal punishment to those students that walked out of class….

Three students were punished for walking out of their Arkansas school Wednesday during the national protest against gun violence, and their punishment is now in the spotlight. Per, the Greenbrier Public Schools superintendent says the students never gave a heads-up so their school could prep for their demonstration, adding they were disciplined not for exercising their First Amendment rights, but for leaving class. Their choice of punishment, per the super: suspension or getting a parent-OK’d paddling. He wouldn’t say which punishment was selected, but the mom of one student did. On Wednesday, Jerusalem Greer tweeted that the kids “chose corporal punishment,” adding: “This generation is not playing around.” Her revelation soon went viral, with reactions ranging from calls to contact the ACLU to a horrified “Holy hell. Corporal punishment is still a thing in schools?!”

And that’s proven surprising to many, as, yes, many states do still allow it, though the exact number differs (it’s usually said to be 19). The Daily Beast reviewed Greenbrier’s school policy and found it stated physical punishment couldn’t be “excessive, or administered with malice”; an attempt to talk to the school’s assistant principal about the policy was met with a hang-up. Greer’s son, Wylie, told the Daily Beast his two “swats” didn’t hurt or cause any injury. He says he has “the utmost respect for all the adults involved,” as they were “merely doing their job,” though “the idea that violence should be used against someone who was protesting violence as a means to discipline them is appalling,” he noted. (Alabama paddled 19,000 kids in one school year.)

Too bad we cannot use corporal punishment on politicians…kinda like a public flogging….I know where I would bring…

The South hangs on to their institutions from the past…statues and corporal punishment and a simmering racism…..


20 thoughts on “Corporal Punishment

  1. When I was at school, we were hit on the hand with a ruler for being naughty. Then after age 11, we could be caned on the hand for infringements. One sports teacher used to hit us with a length of climbing rope across the backs of our legs. I always hated that man, and still do. (He’s still alive, I checked.) I think he got some sadistic pleasure from that, along with throwing us non-swimmers into the pool, and watching us panic.
    It was banned in English schools in 1986.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We were sent to this “special” room…..bent over a desk and thumped on with a paddle with 3 large holes in it… tormenter is dead…I went to his funeral to be sure….chuq

    2. I dunno if I mentioned to you guys.. but back in my high school daze.. public high school, in Chicago… gym class (now called PE class) guys were required to swim naked. One of my Boy Scout buddies, who also went to my HS, who we suspected was a bit gay.. or we called “queer” back then.. got a hard on.. and the instructor made him stand out on the diving board until it went limp. It’s amazing we didn’t all turn into flipped out future nutcases.

      1. That’s some story, Doug. Our PE teacher always stood and watched us shower. He claimed it was to make sure we didn’t ‘fiddle with each other’. But we knew the real reason. 🙂

      2. Naked gym class??? When was this…ancient Greece???

        If you tried any of that shit today, the teachers would all get charged…unless it involved football team staff (See: Penn State) Even I had a decent idea what was going on there 10+ years before it was public. Sandusky was called a “disgusting man I’ve heard all kinds of things about” in a discussion between TV broadcasters when they thought their microphones were off.

      3. Here you go.. this explains it.

        Back in the 1960’s when I was entering high school we had a choice to either take gym class (PE) or join the junior ROTC. A lot of the motivation in guys opting for taking ROTC was indeed the reluctance of swimming naked in gym class. I was always a military nut so I was going into ROTC anyway. In spite of the unpopular times for wearing a military uniform of any kind due to the anti-war climate of the day, our ROTC managed to have about 100 members for all four years of school. You were pretty much considered to be athletic flunkies if you opted for ROTC over gym class and swimming naked. Obviously, no ROTC guys got to date the cheerleaders or any other hot chicks of the day. We were required to wear our uniforms once a week.. Fridays.. which then brought the remarks from our fellow students.. like “baby killers”.

      4. Doug… I read the link and remembered I’ve heard this crazy, forgotten, fact before…maybe on PBS, or the Chicago super-station news.

        I can see some validity in the original 20-30’s argument for pool nudity. (fabric clogs, unreliable chemicals) However, the idea that ONLY boys were forced to go nude…and in some schools into the early 80’s…is fucked up on so many fronts. If you were going to force only one sex to go nude, it should be the females. The further from the 20’s you got, mens’ swimsuits got way skimpier and at a much faster pace. Women started swimming in damn-near burkas and two pieces weren’t even common until…the late 50’s? Functionally, the girls’ swimsuits just had waaaaay more fabric to gum up the works. So, they were the real risks to pool equipment/sanitation. Stripping only the males was pointless.

        But females taking off their swimsuits was way “too sexual”, whereas male nudity was…not? I expect that “logic” was due to the hyper-homo-phobia and extra-deep closets of the day. The assumption had to be there were no gay males on staff, or among students. Presumably, the 10-20 gay men in the city of Chicago lived in alleys and…boiled Bibles to eat while waiting for fresh man-meat to stray into the alley??? I dunno. Such was the mental image of the day. Then again, some people didn’t think Liberace was gay.

        Just statistically, that’s a joke. Every full pool had at least one “extra-uncomfortable” male student in it praying to a God that hated him not get a boner…and one staff member who was enjoying his job “a bit too much”. How this continued on into the 1980’s is…I mean…How many pedo-rings were there in the Chicago school system? Cause that’s the only reason I can think of.

        Meanwhile, I bet half the ROTC was made up of gay guys who were terrified of an uncontrolled pool-boner. In the ROTC, you can hide it under the butch uniform. Because they’ve got to be..a macho man…a macho, macho, man…I mean, no wonder some of them went on to “kill babies”…

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