Sexual Revolution

I have been visiting for several months now….they have some interesting stuff once you get past the propaganda…..And I have another sexual post but with a bit of history for you to learn….

I am an old fart so I was there for the sexual revolution…..and boy was it something (he states with a wide smile)… asks an interesting question…..”at what cost?”…….

This year marks half a century since the May 1968 events in Paris (and elsewhere) which launched a youth-driven liberal movement that changed the world.

Thus, now is a good time to reflect upon the similarities and differences between the sexual liberation and feminism of the 1960’s and the protest campaigns that flourish today, from LGBT+ to #MeToo.

In the aftermath of ‘68, the French “progressive” press published a whole series of petitions demanding the decriminalization of paedophilia, claiming that in this way the artificial and oppressive culturally-constricted frontier that separated children from adults could be abolished and the right to freely use one’s body be extended also to children. They claimed that only dark forces of “reaction” and “oppression” could oppose this measure and among the signatories were iconic cultural figures such as Sartre, de Beauvoir, Derrida, Barthes, Foucault, Aragon, Guattari, Deleuze and Lyotard.

Any thoughts on the sexual revolution and its aftermath?  Please feel free to weigh in…..chuq


6 thoughts on “Sexual Revolution

  1. I think I missed it. In 1968 I was dating my soon to become wife. Been with her ever since. She thought the sexual revolution was pretty much revolting 🙂

  2. I was 16, and trying hard to become part of that sexual revolution. I think AIDS stopped it in its tracks later, but the emergence of acceptance for Gays and Transsexuals was a suitable tail-piece.
    I think that the campaign to allow sex with children who were supposedly ‘freely using their bodies’ was a bad idea though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Herpes was the big downer down here….Hell they did not know about AIDs until the mid 80’s……any children used for sex is deplorable and cannot be justified…..chuq

  3. I missed it completely. I grew up in the Sexual Counter Revolution days that followed. Even strippers were wearing burkas and the most a hooker would give you was a “squeezer”…but with a rubber glove.

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