You Can Read The Damnedest Things

Saturday and no more doctors for awhile… let me venture into the world of sex…….

In my research I visit many sites and find some interesting reports and stories……I visited the site and one headline caught my eye…..

“Masturbation Kills Hundreds”…..and now for the rest of the story… must admit that it is a catchy title…..

Risky masturbation kills 80 to 100 Germans a year, claims a Brandenburg physician who is shining a light on the unpredictable and often clandestine killer.

Dr. Harald Voss estimates that one to two people per one million inhabitants are killed by risky masturbation techniques annually, all of them in search of an elevated experience that the vast majority already deem quite satisfactory.

Asphyxiation is cited as the most common form of masturbation death, says Voss, along with electric shock, however it’s difficult to get a truly accurate reading of just how many people have lost their lives this way… for a number of reasons.

If that story is not wacky enough…the same site had a story about a woman having sex with a ghost…..

A woman who found love with a pirate – who has been dead for 300 years – has opened up about the pair’s sex life after marrying him.

Amanda Teague has been in a relationship with ghost husband Jack Teague since meeting him through her supernatural ability to contact ghosts. The 45-year-old Dublin woman claimed on ITV’s Loose Women that she and her dead pirate husband have a healthy sex life – which once even led to a pregnancy scare.

And you thought that I only wrote about high brow stuff…..I love this wacky sh*t………

That is my  Saturday….hope everyone has a good day and a better tomorrow…..see you guys later…..chuq


6 thoughts on “You Can Read The Damnedest Things

  1. The former neighbour of an acquaintance died in perhaps the best known masturbatory incident of all time. The friend says he was really nice, but was drunk/high and acting crazy almost all the time. In the 90’s, he was living in Canuckistan while shooting Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He was legendary B movie actor, part-time musician and peyote pioneer…David Carradine (Death Race 2000, The Long Riders)

    Back in ’09, his body was found hanging in a Thailand hotel room in a position the Urban Dictionary would later term a “Hung-Fu”.

    Yes, this masturbatory master would die in the closet of a Bangcock hotel room. Working his case was forensic pathologist, Porntip Rojanasunan who had been working in Phuket a few years prior. (Here’s a porn-tip for you David. Don’t hang yourself in a closet while masturbating!)

      1. Hung Fu: The Legend Continues!

        Although, you could argue that’s a pretty baller way to go out.

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