Damn Close To Checkmate?

For about a week the Trump media empire(FOX News and Breitbart) has been calling for the firing of Mueller it even extended into the Congress where all his little butt boyz echoed FOX calling the FBI corrupt and calling for Mueller to be fired….then over the weekend something changed a statement was issued saying that the president would not fire Mueller…..why the sudden turnaround?

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian contacts with President Trump’s campaign has accessed thousands of his transition team’s emails, according to several sources. But the investigators did not directly request the records from Trump’s still-existing transition group, Trump for America, and instead obtained them from the General Services Administration, a separate federal agency that stored the material—prompting transition group general counsel Kory Langhofer to complain the move was “unauthorized” release of non-government material, reports the Washington Post. The tens of thousands of emails pertain to 13 senior Trump transition officials, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, reports the AP; many include national security discussions about possible Trump international aims as well as candid assessments of candidates for top posts.

Langhofer said that a GSA official appointed by Trump in May had assured the transition in June that any request for records from Mueller’s office would be referred to the transition’s attorneys. According to Langhofer, the assurance was made by then-GSA General Counsel Richard Beckler, who was hospitalized in August and has since died. But late Saturday, GSA Deputy Counsel Lenny Loewentritt, who was present for the conversation, told Buzzfeed that there was nothing improper about the disclosure of the emails. Loewentritt said the transition was informed that by using government devices, the GSA wouldn’t hold back records from law enforcement. Transition officials signed agreements that warn them that materials kept on government servers are subject to monitoring, and there’s no expectation of privacy. Late Saturday, a Mueller rep said that “when we have obtained emails … we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.”

The game of political chess is fascinating…..I am sure that there is more drama and comedy to come…..stay tuned…..

Two high-ranking members of Donald Trump’s team said there’s been no talk at the White House of firing Robert Mueller, even as the president’s legal team accused the special counsel of obtaining emails from the Trump transition team illegally. Appearing on Meet the Press today, White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said there’s been “no conversation about that in the White House whatsoever,” Politico reports. “You guys keep bringing that up,” he added. “We’ve continued to cooperate in every single possible way in that investigation.” Yesterday White House lawyer Ty Cobb reiterated that the president has no plans to fire Mueller. “As the White House has repeatedly and emphatically said for months, there is no consideration at the White House of terminating the special counsel,” Cobb said.

Meanwhile, on CNN’s State of the Union, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had to take time away from extolling the Republican tax-reform bill to address rumors about Mueller’s future, the New York Daily News reports. Mnuchin said he hadn’t “heard anything about this, any firing” at the White House, but said the decision would ultimately lie with Trump. “I don’t have any reason to think that the president is going to do that, but that’s obviously up to him,” Mnuchin said. Outside the White House, Republican Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said he thinks firing Mueller “would be a mistake myself.”

I love this stuff…..listening to the Trump minions is like a SNL skit…..rabid idiots is the best description…..Reps like Jordan and Gohmert have always been morons they just have the loudest mouths right now……


4 thoughts on “Damn Close To Checkmate?

  1. That was a superb move by Mueller, both the Saturday ‘leak,’ and the prior process. It doesn’t mention it here, but from what I understand, Mueller had all the emails months ago, but later ‘requested’ Trump’s transition team to hand over the emails, without them ever knowing he had everything already. Trump’s team, of course, combed through the emails, carefully selecting what to hand over. Mueller’s questioning of WH staff was based on ALL the emails, while the WH staff’s answers were, I guess, based on what they thought Mueller had. Classic.

      1. If it were illegal, Trump’s lawyers would have gone straight to the courts, not simply release a press release, which is what that letter is. They must be shitting themselves.

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