Do You Need That Selfie?

Saturday and a bit nipply in the Deep South……have you ever done one of those “selfies” that are all the rage these days?

Selfies are everywhere……every one with a Cel phone with a camera is spending their time taking photos……why are these pics so “special”?  But beyond that they are dangerous…..if you get hacked and all your nudey pics are found or worse yet……

A friend of mine and reader of this blog once wrote to tell me about how he and the men in his congregation had to go clean out the apartment of the kindly elderly bachelor who worshiped with them … and found lots of child pornography. They also found thousands of ordinary images of children this creep grabbed off the Internet, from people posting photos of their kids. It shook him up so much that he resolved never, ever to post photos of his kids to social media.

I read a news story last week in which researchers in this field said that parents who post lots of pictures of their kids to social media wouldn’t do it if they knew how those images were used by perverts. I just tried to find that story again, but the Google search for it is too depressing, so I gave up

Maybe it would be prudent not to splash your image all over every social site….just a thought.

Please be careful with your image and your safety…..there are people out there that want your information… careful, be safe……


16 thoughts on “Do You Need That Selfie?

  1. On a personal note, I am pleased to say that I have never taken a selfie, not that anyone else would want to see it, I’m sure.
    On the serious subject, I am reminded of a famous TV newsreader in the UK many years ago. She took photos of her small children in the bath, using a film camera at the time. When the film was in for processing, the company reported her to the Police for having naked images of children, and she was investigated.
    Sometimes, it goes too far the other way. But you are right to give this warning in the digital age.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I have never taken one either and I have made it a no no for my granddaughter to put her image or personal info out there…..have a good day….chuq

      1. In its historical perspective, it is very interesting. The SWP was very active at the time of the Miners’ Strike, but had little support from the Miners themselves, who tended to be Labour traditionalists. We always considered the SWP to be little more than Anarchists; with a different name, but a similar agenda. There was also another extreme Left group that was very active then, the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, They are still around too.
        I was a member of Militant Tendency at the time, an offshoot of the traditional Labour Party. Some of us were seeking to undermine the Trotskyists in that group, and also to infiltrate the Labour Party main structure, in an effort to introduce Communist aims. Eventually, the plots were discovered, and the Labour Party expelled all of us. Halcyon days of political extremism. 🙂

      2. I was a member of the Communist League which was an off-shoot of CPUSA…..this was when the CPUSA started working with the Dems and softening their beliefs…..did you have a Revolutionary Communist Party in the UK? Hope it was accurate…..the good old days….chuq

      3. I think their leader/founder is in France these days…..I am watching the World Darts Championships….love it….have a good day chuq

  2. Since I don’t put anything more personal than my opinions on the Internet, I don’t have much use for Facebook. However, because of scanning technology and the ability to take a reasonably good photo of a picture, we actually cannot stop people from putting our pictures on the Internet. Anyone can put almost anything they have access to on the Internet. So the notion we can stop the creeps, especially the rich and famous, is just a forlorn hope.

    What can be done about it? I think the best place to start is with our personal attitudes towards each other.

    1. I use no social media other than Twitter which I use as a news feed only….I believe attitudes are a good place to start….have a great day….chuq

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