Closing Thought–15Dec17

Most everyone knows that the US has been stuck in Afghanistan for almost 17 years now….and it appears that another western nation will follow in our footsteps.

France followed in our footsteps back in the 1700’s and had a revolution that got rid of a monarchy and brought about democracy and liberty….although their transition was are violent than ours….but 5 years ago they took upon themselves to go to Mali to fight terrorists  and now they are stuck…or so it would seem…..

In a recent editorial in Le Monde, French journalist Christophe Ayad draws disturbing parallels between the French military operations in Mali — which will reach their five-year mark in January — and America’s involvement in Afghanistan. At first glance the comparison is compelling, and in some important ways, accurate. Yet these two interventions present some fundamental differences that make the Afghanistan case likely more intractable than Mali’s, and give reason for optimism in France.

Ayad’s argument relates to the course of the wars and the apparent bind in which the American and French militaries now find themselves. Ayad observes that in both cases a lightning offensive gave way to a grinding counter-insurgency. In neither case can one now discern an alternative to continuing indefinitely to pay in blood and treasure to prop up governments that frequently act in ways contrary to good sense or good strategy. One can, in fact, blame those governments, as many critics do, but Ayad insists on Western militaries’ fundamental inability to do what they’re being asked to do in countries like Afghanistan and Mali. They have, he argues, neither “the mandate, the vocation, nor, finally, the qualifications for reconstructing the States in which they are intervening.” They “no longer know what to do” and have to choose between hunkering down in bunkers to prevent useless losses while becoming an army of occupation, or conducting raids to intimidate the enemy but risk accidents and ambushes like that which took the life lives of four American soldiers in Niger in October. Winning “hearts and minds” through civil-military engagements is supposed to be a third option, but, Ayad asserts, this is not really the job of soldiers, “as we saw in Afghanistan, where dozens of billions of dollars were spent for nothing.”

Hopefully the French will not have to endure the decades of war….they did that back in the 50-650’s and it ended their overseas colonies for good.

That be it for me and my pen…..the that writes moves on and so shall I…..see you guys tomorrow hopefully it will be  better day….chuq


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–15Dec17

  1. France has a history in West Africa, and it isn’t a good one. It seems to me that they are clinging on to some vestige of Empire. Considering their current status as the second in command of the EU, that seems strange…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. In the ideal world, when we go to war we have a clearly established objective, complete that objective, and bring our troops home. Some objectives, however, are beyond our ability to accomplish.

    What is the problem in Afghanistan? What people believe affects their behavior. Many of the people in Afghanistan believe in Islam.We can argue until doomsday whether Islam is the religion of peace, but the version advocated by the Taliban is toxic. Unless we want to exterminate all the Muslims who believe in that nonsense, we have to persuade them that there is a better way. Since the military’s job is to kill people and break their things, that’s not their job. Whose job is it? Well, I expect a few Christian churches could tell you, but Afghanistan is a very dangerous place to spread the Gospel of Christ.

    1. You are right that their brand is toxic and that brand originated in Saudi Arabia it is called wahhabism….it has little to do with the Quran and more what some idiot preacher has to say….Afghanistan is dangerous for anyone who is not a Pashto…..chuq

      1. Problem is that we cannot allow folks like the Taliban a safe place from which to operate.

        Look at nations like North Korea, Iran, Russia, and so forth. Tyrannical states are dangerous to start with. Islam has a tradition of being spread through warfare. Their prophet was a warrior. Therefore, even if it is difficult to complete destroy something like the Taliban, such organizations have to be relentlessly opposed. Such people cannot be appeased. If it did not work with Hitler, hasn’t worked with that fiend in charge of North Korea, it sure won’t work with Islamists.

      2. Looks like the regime running the place may decide to shut them down. One can hope, anyway.

        The world is constantly falling apart. Some people are constantly trying to put it back together. The war to end all wars was only dream. Short of mutually annihilating each other, we are not capable of ending our struggles with each other. Only God can put an end to it. All we can do is try to make the place livable.

  3. I really cant understand. During years we try to bring freedom and democracy to other states, and it looks like we loose them same in our states, and all over the world. The title of the new century “Outsourced war”?

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