The “Slap And Tickle” Effect

AS I surf through the news daily  I am amazed at the amount of news we Americans do not get because of the preoccupation the media has with all these sex scandals…..hour after hour of blind speculation and accusation….And it get worse with each passing week…..Lauer is the newest dastard.

Did Clinton scandal start this downward spiral?  Did Bubba start this fixation on the sex aspects of power?

I mean there is a whole story being built around a 21st century slavery ring in North Africa….and yet I know too much about the sex preferences of some weird judge running for an office he is NOT qualified to hold.

Yes, these are serious charges against these many diverse men…..yes their disrespect for women would fill volumes….but I ask….who did not know this was happening in our society?

Is the media going to adequately explain such behavior?

Hell NO!

This is just too easy to report than actual news….but I read an op-ed from Europe about this newest phenom for the US media….

While the Yemenis wonder whether the Saudi Crown Prince will ever stop bombing them with American weapons, and the President threatens to take on North Korea, the US media mainly talks about the sexual harassment of women by powerful men.

It all started with testimonies that a judge running for the US Senate from the fiercely Republican state of Alabama. had tried to seduce teenagers in the past. His accusers were rapidly followed by a complaint against a famous Democratic comedian turned Senator, followed by similar revelations about a famous television personality, Charlie Rose. Like broken records, the testimonies of women who were molested years or even decades ago, alternate with opinions as to the offenders’ proper punishments, superseding everything else going on in a world that the United States claims to lead.

The only mitigating factor is that the back story is more complicated than in other cultures, touching on both religion and politics. In the nineteen fifties, in boys’ fathers’ spacious cars parked in secluded places, American teenage girls allowed themselves to be ‘petted’, and the onus was on them not to ‘go too far’. In the sixties, the women’s liberation movement and the hippies brought ‘free love’ to communes and suburbia. Although the women’s liberation primer, The Second Sex, published in 1953, was written by French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, it produced a much more robust feminist movement in the US than in Europe.

Then I read a piece in a Libertarian leaning site, Unz Review….

The current sexual harassment obsession may eventually subside but until then, matters will probably get worse. And by “worse” we don’t mean just additional victims accused of long past increasingly petty offenses. Rather, social justice warriors will soon join the crusade and their involvement will be far more odious than digging up dirt about celebrities behaving badly. But, the good news is that this involvement may eventually help cool the insanity.

Everyone in the entertainment business (and politics) knows that most young women flirt to advance their professional careers. Conversely, most men, whether straight or gay, are often governed by their libidos and usually welcome opportunities to score. The problem arises if women are a bit too sexually appealing and men a bit too amorous when a quid pro quo opportunity arises. In other words, the seduction urge is hard-wired into countless human encounters so it just a matter of how it is directed.

I say again…..I am NOT saying that these stories of sexual predators are not important but they should NOT suck all the oxygen out of the news…..and a real conversation needs to be had….as it is the talks are black and white and the grey areas are just ignored.

Updated:  Add an article in The American Conservative……

Is it okay to proposition a woman for sex after drinks? To initiate a workplace romance? To behave like a Casanova and bed as many partners as possible under the catchall excuse that you’re just “playing the field”? Twenty years ago those questions would have elicited a resounding “Yes! What are you, some sort of neo-Puritan?” Today the answers aren’t so clear. I keep thinking we’ve reached the eye of the #MeToo storm, only for another powerful man to be felled by lurid accusations and another think piece to spot fresh perils of untrammeled male sexuality. The topography of our sexual landscape is changing, with little indication of what it will look like once the winds have died down.

3 thoughts on “The “Slap And Tickle” Effect

  1. Wherever we live, there is a constant supply of ‘non-news’ to avoid telling us what is really going on in the world. Over here, we have the fallback option of the Royal Family, and what they are wearing.
    Forget WW3, Kate has a new hat!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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